Resume For A Certified Nursing Assistant

This is a sample resume for a Certified Nursing Assistant. This can be used as a template when creating your own resume.

Resume For A Certified Nursing Assistant

1 Objective

To secure a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I am an experienced, motivated and ambitious individual who is passionate about helping others. I love to be a part of the healthcare team and would be honored to join your skilled staff as you continue to provide quality care for your patients.

I have demonstrated my ability to work well with other individuals in various settings and possess exceptional leadership skills that will contribute greatly to the overall success of our organization. My passion for healthcare has led me on many paths throughout my career, allowing me to become familiar with various responsibilities required by CNA positions including tasks such as bathing patients, dressing wounds or administering medications at specific intervals throughout the day. In addition, I have experience working closely with nursing assistants who assist physicians in performing procedures such as taking blood pressure readings or conducting EKGs on patients experiencing cardiac arrest emergencies.”

2 Experiences

  • Include the job title and dates of employment with your employer name.
  • Describe the duties you were responsible for, and include any relevant information about your work environment or workplace culture.
  • Give a brief description of any managers or supervisors you worked with while in this position. If applicable, explain why you left the organization: what caused you to resign from the company? Did they relocate? Were they reorganized out of business entirely? Were there personal issues that made it difficult for you to remain at your job site? How did their departure affect your position within the organization? What was going on behind-the-scenes during those last few days or weeks before leaving off on good terms with all parties involved?

3 Education

  • Name of school
  • City, state
  • Year of graduation
  • Degree or certificate earned
  • Major
  • GPA (grade point average) if you have it. If not, just indicate that your GPA is not applicable. If you don’t remember what your GPA was at the time of graduation, it’s fine to just say that there is no available information on your GPA at this time. You can also mention that any honors or awards you received while attending this school are listed above under the section entitled “Honors” or “Awards” (if applicable).

If applicable, please include any clubs or organizations in which you participated during high school and/or college.

4 Licenses

Certified Nursing Assistant License

Certified nursing assistants are required to hold a valid license in the state of New Mexico. The licensing process is regulated by the New Mexico State Board of Nursing, which requires all CNAs to be at least 18 years old and pass a criminal background check prior to being issued a license. CNAs must also complete mandatory training hours within one year after receiving their CNA certification before they can renew their licenses each year. While those who have graduated from a program approved by the Board may be exempted from this requirement, they must still take an exam that tests their knowledge on topics relevant to nursing care such as anatomy, physiology, safety procedures and communication skills.

5 Resume For A Certified Nursing Assistant

As a Certified Nursing Assistant, it’s important to be able to demonstrate your skills, experience, education and accomplishments in the workplace. On top of that, you’ll want to show how you’re qualified for the position you’re applying for.

Your resume should include:

  • A summary of your work experience – including relevant skills and accomplishments
  • A list of your education (including degrees or certifications)
  • A list of any awards/achievements that relate back to this job


You should be able to see that there are many things to keep in mind when writing a resume for a CNA. You have to make sure that you have all of the relevant information about your education, experience and skills. In addition, it is important for you to be consistent with how you present yourself on paper because it shows professionalism and organization.

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