Romania government scholarships

romania government scholarships

How to apply for romanian scholarship in an overview

Scholarships in Romania are offered to international students as well as to Romanian students. The scholarships are awarded to the students by the central government, provincial governments, and by organizations and institutions. Scholarships in Romania are offered on the basis of your academic performance and financial needs. Let’s take a look at how you can apply for these scholarships.

Process For Applying For Scholarship In Romania

Before applying for any scholarship in Romania, please make sure that you have read about all the requirements of that particular scholarship. The scholarship application process is pretty smooth and user-friendly but it is suggested that you start your preparation for applying for a scholarship at least 6 months before the deadline.

The first step towards applying for international scholarship in Romanian universities is contacting your university or institution where you want to pursue higher education from foreign universities` office of student affairs or financial aid office. They can help you get information related to scholarships available in that country/university and how can you avail those opportunities too.

What information you will need to apply for romanian scholarship in an overview

There are some information and documents you will be required to submit together with the scholarship application form. These include:

Certified copy of your university degree certificate. This must be an English translation if it is not in Romanian or any other supported language.

Certified copy of your transcript from the university you attended, must also be an English translation if not in Romanian or another supported language.

Proof that you have been granted a visa for Romania (if applicable).

A copy of the first page of your passport and a copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable).

Why should you apply for romanian scholarship in an overview

The Romanian Scholarship is a scholarship program funded by the government of Romania for international students. The program offers free education, free accommodation, monthly allowance and medical insurance to eligible students.

As a recipient of this award, you will be able to:

Be part of one of the most prestigious universities in Romania

Benefit from a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant student community

Gain relevant skills and knowledge that will help you succeed in your field

Build an impressive CV with real-world experience in your field of study

Documents required to apply for romanian scholarship in an overview

What are the documents required for Romanian scholarship?

You need to submit some of the following documents to apply for Romanian scholarship:

  • A copy of your passport.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Diploma (if you have it).
  • Transcript of records.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Letter of recommendation (usually two letters, one from a professor and one from an employer)
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Language certificate (if you have it, if not then you will be tested later on during the program).
  • Photographs (not older than 6 months and in electronic format).

How to apply for romanian scholarship in the country of origin

An individual can apply for a Romanian Scholarship in their country of origin. After, the applicant has to submit the required documents to the Embassy or Consulate of Romania in his/her respective country, who will then transmit it to the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research (MEC) in Bucharest.

Documents Required:

  • An application form that is available on the official website of MEC.
  • A photocopy of your passport (in case you are an international student).
  • A letter from a university where you have already studied and obtained a diploma.
  • A CV (Curriculum Vitae).
  • Official transcripts from all universities attended. You should also send certified translations with these transcripts if they are not in English or French.
  • Two references that would be given by your professors or employers and should be written on official letterheads, containing their names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. These two references must be stamped by the institutions where they work presently and duly signed by them as well as yourself.

Application Deadline: The deadline for applications is one month prior to the start date of studies at university level in Romania which is September 1 for autumn term and February 1 for spring term respectively

Obtaining documentation required by the Government of Romania and submission of forms

  • Obtaining and submitting the requested documentation
  • For further information about whether you are eligible for a scholarship, please contact the Romanian Embassy in your country or visit or

Requirements during the actual application process

For the final step in completing your application, you must submit all your supporting documentation to the Ministry of Education of Romania. These documents include:

  • The certificate of high-school graduation from the Ministry of National Education of Romania
  • The passport or driver’s license from the Republic of Romania
  • A copy of a bank statement from the Republic of Romania showing proof that you have access to a minimum € 250 in cash

Kinds of romanian scholarships available and their eligibility criteria

When it comes to Romanian government scholarships, there are three types of scholarship grants you can benefit from. One is the Government Scholarships for Foreign Citizens, which you must apply for at the Ministry of Education and Research. The second is a scholarship programme offered by the Romanian state to foreign citizens who are at least 25 years old and would like to pursue post-doctoral research in Romania. The third is the State Scholarships Programme offered by the Romanian Government, through its Agency for International Cooperation in Higher Education (ARACIS).

Eligibility criteria

There are various criteria that need to be fulfilled before applying for a scholarship. For example:

  • You must have a minimum of five years’ teaching or research experience in higher education if you want to apply for the post-doctoral research programme
  • You must have been accepted by one of ARACIS member universities offering undergraduate and master’s programmes with language of instruction in English/French/German/Italian before applying for an undergraduate or master’s degree course

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