Salary For Preschool Teacher In California

What’s the average preschool teacher salary in California? If you had asked me that question when I was teaching, I would have told you it depends on your degree. I expected you to say “I have a bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education and an Associates in Letters & Science.” I also expected you to put me on hold for about 20 minutes so you could search for the answer.

According to the US Department of Labor stats, preschool teachers in California earn an average annual salary of about $49,050 which breaks down to about $21 per hour. The figures vary depending on the experience and education level of the teacher. There are a number of important factors that can affect your preschool teacher salary in California including your experience, location, and day care type, etc.

The statistical data shows that the average preschool teacher’s hourly wage is around $ 18.29 per hour. This depends on many factors like the cost of living in the different locations. The salary of a Preschool teacher in California is approximately $51,611 per year. So, let’s have a look at the factors that affect preschool teacher salary.

Salary For Preschool Teacher In California

Overview of Teaching Preschool in California

California preschool teachers need to obtain specific certification credentials as educators. You don’t have to earn a bachelor’s degree, but you’ll need to complete either educational or experience minimum hours before you can begin teaching preschool students in a classroom.

Education/Experience Requirement OptionsMinimum of 24 semester units in early childhood education, 175 days of teaching experience, associate’s degree in early childhood, 16 semester units of general education classes, or three semester units of supervised field experience in an early childhood classroom
Exams RequiredN/A
License ValidityFive years
Renewal Requirements105 hours of continuing education
Average California Salary* (2018)$37,850 for preschool teachers
Job Growth* (2016-2026)10% for preschool teachers (nationwide)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Overview

Preschool teachers work with some of the youngest children in the school system. You’ll help children learn about numbers and colors as they begin to understand social settings and make new friends. You’ll be in charge of creating a lesson plan and sticking to it throughout the year. Your schedule should also ensure that each child in your classroom has enough opportunities to get physical activity and rest in the same day. You’ll closely monitor all children in your class and alert their parents to any issues with developmental problems that may begin to show.

Education and Training Requirements

Unlike many other teaching positions, preschool educators do not need a four-year degree. There are several options you can select to meet the requirements. You can complete 24 semester credits in early childhood education or child development, including courses in programs and curriculum, child and family relations, and child growth and development. You could also choose to gain 175 hours of teaching experience (at least three hours a day), complete an associate’s program in early childhood education, complete 16 semester units of general education classes, or complete three semester units of supervised field experience in an early childhood classroom.

Certification Requirements

After finishing your education or training period, you’ll apply for a Child Development Teacher Permit. This teaching credential is good for five years, and you can renew it for the same amount of time. To renew, you’ll need to take an additional 105 semester credits toward your education. You can also advance to a higher level permit if you complete additional requirements and an application within three years of your initial permit.

Job Outlook and Salary Information

Job openings for preschool teachers have a positive trend predicted through 2026, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Jobs for preschool teachers are expected to increase by 10% during this period. In California, the average salary for a preschool teacher in 2018 was $37,850. California employed the most preschool teachers of any state, with 52,950 preschool teachers reported as working in May 2018. Of these teachers, 17,040 were found to work in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim area, where they averaged a salary of $38,190. Another 10,280 preschool teachers made an average salary of $43,460 in the greater San Francisco area.

How Much Do Preschool Teachers Make in California? Overview

If you’re interested in becoming a preschool teacher in California, you’ll have to have a bachelor’s degree. You’ll also need to pass a certification test that shows you’ve met the state’s educational requirements.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for preschool teachers in California was $53,830 per year as of May 2016. That’s about $26 an hour for those working full-time. The median hourly wage for preschool teachers was $25.65 per hour—a difference of $19.89 less than the average hourly rate!

Keep in mind that these numbers are just estimates and may differ depending on where you live and work. If you’re looking for more specific information about how much money you could make as a preschool teacher in California, here are some factors to keep in mind:

Location: The cost of living varies widely across California, so it’s important to know what your costs will be before deciding where to live and work. Schools located near big cities tend to pay higher salaries because they have more options when it comes to hiring qualified staff members who can afford high housing costs and high-priced groceries without having too much trouble paying their bills at

What Is The Average Preschool Teacher Salary In Los Angeles, CA?

The average preschool teacher salary in Los Angeles, CA is $37,000 annually. The average hourly rate for a preschool teacher is $17.79/hr. This compares to the national average preschool teacher salary of $31,862. Below, we break down the average preschool teacher salary in Los Angeles, CA by the highest paying companies and industries. You can also compare different types of preschool teacher salaries in and around Los Angeles and a salary history chart that shows how the average salary for preschool teachers has changed over time in Los Angeles.

What Is A Preschool Teacher’s Salary?

PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$49,000$4,083$24
75th Percentile$40,000$3,333$19
25th Percentile$25,000$2,083$12
10th Percentile$20,000$1,667$10

Entry-Level Salary


Gender Pay Gap

Women earn $99¢ for every $1 earned by me

Highest paying cities for Preschool Teachers in California

  1. San Francisco, CA$22.86 per hour430 salaries reported
  2. San Jose, CA$21.65 per hour416 salaries reported
  3. Sunnyvale, CA$21.59 per hour71 salaries reported
  1. Los Angeles, CA$18.20 per hour367 salaries reported
  2. Irvine, CA$17.96 per hour146 salaries reported
  3. San Diego, CA$17.25 per hour521 salaries reported
  1. Long Beach, CA$16.87 per hour104 salaries reported
  2. Fresno, CA$16.53 per hour31 salaries reported
  3. Sacramento, CA$16.23 per hour241 salaries reported

Preschool teacher earnings by seniority

op-level preschool teacher earnings begin at:

$28.32per hour

$58,900per year

Senior-level preschool teacher earnings begin at:

$22.28per hour

$46,350per year

Mid-level preschool teacher earnings begin at:

$17.83per hour

$37,080per year

Junior-level preschool teacher earnings begin at:

$14.82per hour

$30,820per year

Starting level preschool teacher earnings begin at:

$14.25per hour

$29,630per year

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