scholarship in pakistan for students

scholarship in pakistan for students

Higher Education Commission

HEC (Higher Education Commission) is one of the best options for availing scholarships in Pakistan. There are various categories of HEC scholarships you can apply to, including need-based, merit, indigenous and foreign.V

The HEC also offers scholarships especially for disabled students. Here is a list of resources that will help you locate the right scholarship program for your specific needs:

Pakistan Science Foundation

If you have already started your research in science and technology, Pakistan Science Foundation can offer you scholarship program to support you. The scholarship is offered to students doing their PhD, MPhil or in their Master’s program.

Akhuwat Foundation

Akhuwat Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides interest-free loans to the poor. The foundation has helped millions of people in Pakistan and ensures that there are no students who cannot afford to go to school. Akhuwat Foundation provides funding to students who cannot afford to pay their school fees and do not have any support from their family or relatives. These loans are interest-free and are given without collateral.

The scholarship program provided by Akhuwat Foundation is one of the best, as it offers students an opportunity to receive an education regardless of their financial situations. This program will ensure that no student who wants an education is denied that chance due to poverty or lack of funds from parents or relatives who could otherwise provide them one. It also gives hope for future generations because children today may later become doctors and engineers tomorrow!

Saylani Mass Training

Saylani Welfare Trust is one of the most reputable and renowned NGOs in Pakistan that provides free education to a number of students.

The trust provides this facility to low-income students and focuses on IT training.

The organization also provides laptops to students who are unable to afford them on their own.

This opportunity is completely free of cost, and almost 300 laptops have been provided so far by Saylani Welfare Trust.

Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) Scholarships for deserving students for intermediate, graduation and post-graduation levels

PEEF is one of the most popular scholarships in Pakistan. It was established by the Government of Punjab in 2008, with a mission to provide financial assistance to talented and needy students in the form of scholarships. This helps PEEF fulfill its vision of creating a progressive, enlightened and prosperous society.

Apart from providing scholarships to talented and deserving students at intermediate, graduation and post-graduation levels, PEEF also provides financial assistance to special children for their education.

PEEF awards these scholarships on three levels: intermediate/diploma/certificate; graduate/postgraduate; and matriculation. In addition to this, PEEF also gives stipends to special children who are enrolled in public sector colleges or universities in Punjab.

Malala Fund Scholarship

The Malala Fund is the name of a non-profit organization that advocates for girls’ education worldwide. The organization was founded in 2013 by Malala Yousafzai, an activist for female education and women’s rights, and her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai. The Malala Fund is headquartered in Birmingham, England and currently operates two programs: GIRLS’ ALLOWANCE, which offers scholarships to girls in developing countries so that they can finish their secondary education; and LEADERSHIP SCHOOLS, which works with local partners to build schools where adolescent girls can learn safely.

Green Pakistan program scholarship

The Green Pakistan Program (GPP) is a National Afforestation Campaign launched by the Government of Pakistan in collaboration with Provincial Governments and other national stakeholders. The program was initiated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in his speech on the occasion of Pakistan Day 23rd March, 2016.

SZABIST Scholarship Program

The SZABIST Scholarship Program provides scholarships to students on the basis of their academic performance as well as financial need. The scholarships are available for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level studies at the university.

The scholarships are available to Pakistani students as well as international students. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need.

The Government of Pakistan is offering the following scholarships for undergraduate and graduate level study at universities in Pakistan:

Endeavor Scholarship Program

This scholarship is for students aspiring to study abroad. It is also offered to students from less privileged backgrounds. To avail of this scholarship, you need to be enrolled in a degree program in any recognized institution with an excellent academic history. The scholarship amount will be Rs 1 million per annum.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Baitulmal Scholarships for talented needy and bright students at intermediate and graduate level. Financial assistance is also provided to persons with disabilities.

The scholarships are awarded to talented needy and bright students at intermediate and graduate level. Financial assistance is also provided to persons with disabilities.

For further information, please contact:

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan – Bait-ul-Mal (ABBM)

Tel: +92 51 8355414 Ext: 101, 102, 103


This article is about scholarships in Pakistan which are grouped into different categories

The article is about different scholarships offered in Pakistan. If a student wants to study abroad, he or she should consider availing these scholarships as they are specially meant for students who wish to go abroad and complete their studies.

These scholarships are available at all levels of education whether it is a postgraduate program, undergraduate degree program or at the level of school.

Moreover, the students can select any university in the world since the scholarship money can be used in any university irrespective of its location.

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