Scholarships for Cameroonians to study abroad

Scholarships for Cameroonians to study abroad

Undergraduate scholarships for african students 2022

A leading international organization for international education, the British Council, is offering a $20,000 scholarship to any eligible student in Cameroon, regardless of their country of origin or their previous academic achievements. This scholarship will cover the full cost of tuition and living expenses at any UK university. The deadline to apply is November 10. For more information visit or call +44 207 439 7002 for further details

Section:British scholarship for cameroonians

British Scholarship for Cameroonians

If you are a Cameroonian student and looking for a British scholarship, the [British Council]( scholarships may actually be a good fit for you. Most of the British Council-funded scholarships schemes are actually administered by the British High Commission in your home country. In this case, it will be in Yaoundé or Douala. The High Commissions manage the [Chevening scholarship]( These include UK Alumni Leadership Award (UKALA), Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowships plans (CSFP) and Newton Fund PhD Placement Programme (NFPP).

The British Council is more interested in people who can have an impact on their home country when they return from studying in the UK, so if that is your goal, you should definitely consider applying for one of these types of scholarships to fund your studies in the United Kingdom!

Fully funded scholarships for african students 2021

In this section, we will be discussing the scholarships available for African students to study abroad in various countries. We have scoured the internet and come up with these top scholarships for African students to study abroad. The list contains all the scholarship programs including fully funded scholarships, tuition fee waivers, etc. Here are some of the best scholarships for African students to study abroad:

  • African student scholarships to study in the UK
  • African student scholarships to study in USA
  • African student scholarships to study in Netherlands
  • African student scholarship to study in Finland
  • African student scholarship to study Germany
  • African student scholarship to India

Fully funded masters scholarship 2021 2022

Fully Funded Scholarship is a scholarship type to equipping students with the knowledge and technical skills to properly organize their time and resources. Fully-funded scholarships are available for Students from all nationalities, who wish to pursue their master’s degree program in any discipline at Top Ranked Universities of the world.

The Scholarship is for international students from all countries, including Cameroonians. The fully funded scholarship is open to students from developing countries that are members of the United Nations Organization (UNO) but also from least developed countries according to the UNO list. Scholarships are available for study in any discipline.

Applicants must be fluent in English language, have an excellent academic record and demonstrate leadership potential or relevant work experience.

Fully funded scholarships 20212022

We are pleased to remind you that the scholarships for cameroonians to study abroad for 2021 are now open to international students from developing countries. The scholarship is a fully funded scholarship, and will be awarded for the duration of bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D. (Doctoral) degree program at any African university.

The aims of these scholarships are:

  • To enable and encourage academically able students from any nationality.
  • To assist international students who cannot afford their tuition fees in completing their education at an African university.

Fully funded scholarship 2021 Cameroon

Scholarships help Cameroonian students to study abroad with fully funded scholarships. Here is the list of available Scholarship for Cameroonians to Study Abroad.

  • International Scholarships for Cameroon students
  • African Scholarships for Cameroon students
  • Scholarships for Africa Students in Europe, USA and Asia

Ministry of higher education scholarships.

The Ministry of Higher Education provides scholarships for students to study abroad. These scholarships are offered for Master’s and PhD degrees at the following levels:

  • Master’s level for those who hold a Bachelor’s degree
  • PhD level for those have a Master’s degree in the field related to the course of study.

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