Schools With 30% Acceptance Rate

The University of Chicago is one of the most selective universities in the country. It has a total acceptance rate of 7%. This means that only 7% of applicants are admitted to the school. The school has an undergraduate population of 6,926 students.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is another highly competitive school with an overall acceptance rate of 8%. MIT also has an undergraduate population of 9,819 students.

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has an acceptance rate of 10%. The school has an undergraduate population of 1,902 students which is much smaller than other schools on our list.

Schools With 30% Acceptance Rate

MIT, Stanford, Harvard and Yale are all elite universities with acceptance rates below 30%. But what about the rest of the country? What are some of the most competitive colleges with acceptance rates of 30%?

Let us start with a list of schools with an acceptance rate over 60%. These are all very competitive schools, but they may be easier to get into than some other private institutions.

School State Percentage

Williams College (MA) 66%

Amherst College (MA) 62%

Middlebury College (VT) 61%

Reed College (OR) 60%

Stanford University (CA) 6.1%

Yale University (CT) 6.3%

Harvard University (MA) 6.8%

Brigham Young University – Idaho 55%

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