Stanford Internship For High School Students

The Stanford Internship for High School Students is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for high school students to gain exposure to the work of a top university. The program offers students the chance to work alongside Stanford faculty and staff, who are engaged in research and scholarship in diverse fields.

Students will be matched with an academic mentor, who will advise them on their coursework and career plans. They will also attend seminars and workshops on topics related to careers in academia, as well as receive one-on-one advising sessions with other resources available at Stanford University.

As part of their participation in this program, students will have the opportunity to:

• Learn more about what it means to be an academic at Stanford University while working alongside faculty and staff members who are engaged in cutting-edge research and scholarship in diverse fields

• Gain exposure to current trends in higher education through visits from industry leaders and alumni speakers, who will share their experiences with both undergraduate and graduate programs at Stanford University

• Develop valuable skills that can help them succeed academically (e.g., learning how to write an effective research paper or preparing for a job interview).

Stanford Internship For High School Students

Stanford Medicine has a number of opportunities for high school students and undergraduates at Stanford and other schools preparing for a future in medicine or science.

Undergraduate Programs  |  For Both High School Students & Undergraduates  |  High School Programs


Undergraduate Programs

Canary Crest Poster Symposim


Canary Cancer Research Education Summer Training Program (CREST)

This 10-week program matches participants with a faculty mentor who helps them craft a research project in a state-of-the-art lab.

Dia de los Muertos Pre-Health Conference

Dia de los Muertos Pre-Health Conference

This day-long event provides academic, professional, cultural and social support to Chicanos and Latinos pursuing careers in the areas of science, medicine and public health. The three Chicanos/Latinos in Health Education (C.H.E.) groups in the Bay Area (UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and Stanford) rotate hosting the annual conference.

Stanford Summer Research Program

Stanford Summer Research Program

This fully-funded residential program helps undergraduates of diverse backgrounds prepare for PhD programs in the sciences.

Summer Health Career Opportunities

Stanford Summer Premedical Programs

This six-week residential program targets community college students in the Northern California region, providing exposure to medicine and health through a variety of topics.

Students in Pre-Renal Initiative

Undergraduate Pre-Renal Initiative

Stanford’s Pre-Renal Initiative seeks to develop a thriving research training program for undergraduate students in adult and pediatric nephrology and (benign) urology. During the 10-week summer program, students work full-time in the labs and clinics of Pre-Renal Faculty Mentors.

Stanford University Minority Medical Alliance

Stanford University Minority Medical Alliance Pre-Health Conference

Ideal for undergraduate students considering medicine as a career, this day-long conference offers an in-depth experience of what it takes to enter the medical field and succeed.

Students at Cardinal Free Clinic

Cardinal Free Clinics

Cardinal Free Clinics educate and empower the next generation of health care leaders through internships to proactively address health disparities and improve access to care in their communities.

Ethnicity and Medicine

A spring lecture series that challenges undergraduate students to explore how culture and language impact the effectiveness of clinical encounters.

Leadership Education for Aspiring Physicians (LEAP)

LEAP is a project-based seminar series designed for Bay Area premedical students seeking structured leadership development while improving community health and wellness.

For Both High School Students & Undergraduates

Stanford Anesthesia Summer Institute

Stanford Anesthesia Summer Institute

An engaging two-week program for undergraduates and high school students interested in exploring careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), medicine, and health technology. Stanford faculty mentor students as they work towards solving real healthcare design challenges. 

Students from the Stanford Medicine Cardiovascular Summer Internship

Stanford Cardiovascular Surgery Internship

This internship is designed for high school and undergraduate students considering careers in cardiovascular physiology and incorporates commonly used medical and surgical techniques.

Stanford School of Medicine Clinical Internship

Stanford Clinical Internship

A two-week program for premed undergraduates and motivated high school students interested in medicine. The curriculum includes lectures about medical specialties, laboratory learning opportunities, and sessions with current students and medical school admissions officers.

Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge

Civic Engagement Symposium

This symposium explores multidisciplinary approaches toward improving health, illness, and wellness. Presenters have have developed and implemented community health – related projects, events, activities, programs and initiatives with a community or educational partner.

Stanford STARS Internship Program

Stanford STARS Internship Program

Interns with the Science, Technology, and Reconstructive Surgery (STaRS) summer program spend seven weeks mastering basic lab techniques, participating in research projects, and presenting their work, all under the mentorship of experienced researchers.

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