stanford transfer acceptance rate

stanford transfer acceptance rate

Tuition & Financial Aid

Stanford’s tuition and fees are $51,354. The room and board cost is $16,848. Books and supplies are $1,245. Other expenses from the institution total $1,813. The total cost to go to Stanford is $71,160.

Acceptance Rate

  • Stanford’s acceptance rate for all applicants is 4%. The acceptance rate for transfers to Stanford is 2.3%, so if you’re thinking of transferring to Stanford, you’ll want to know how to make your application stand out in a crowd of talented students.
  • For freshmen, the acceptance rate at Stanford is 3.3%.
  • If you’re a military veteran student, the acceptance rate at Stanford is even lower: 2.6%! While this may seem like bad news, we can help you learn how to make your application successful by giving you several key tips and tricks that are sure to impress the admissions board at Stanford University.
  • The international student acceptance rate at Stanford is 5.5%, so if you’re an international applicant who dreams of attending this prestigious university someday soon … well, don’t give up just yet! We have plenty of tips and tricks that will make your application look amazing in no time flat!

Transfer Acceptance Rate

The transfer acceptance rate at Stanford is extremely low. Only 2.3% of students who apply are accepted, and this number is lower than the freshman acceptance rate of 4.8%. Stanford admits transfer students from community colleges as well as four-year universities. Transfer applicants are evaluated by the same criteria used for freshmen applicants: academic performance and extracurricular achievements, letters of recommendation, personal essays, test scores (SAT or ACT with writing), and an interview (if available).

Early Action/Decision

Students who are confident that Stanford is their top choice school could benefit from applying Early Action. In order to apply under this program, students must apply during the fall of their senior year. A response will be sent to students by mid-December at the latest.

Early Action applicants who are accepted will not be required to attend Stanford University, but they must notify the university that they intend on attending no later than May 1. If you are admitted through an Early Action program but decide not to attend Stanford University, you may still be eligible for admission in a transfer cycle.

If you choose to apply via the Regular Decision program instead of Early Action, you may also still be considered for admission to Stanford University as a transfer student if you are denied admission or do not gain acceptance through another university or college after graduating high school.

Accepted Students Profile

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Stanford transfer acceptance rate – 2.3%

This is important because this acceptance rate is lower than that of regular Stanford University applicants. This means that, if you are applying to transfer to Stanford, your chances of being accepted are even lower than they would be if you were applying as a freshman. This acceptance rate can also be compared to that of other top universities. For example, Harvard University’s acceptance rate for transfers is 3.9 percent. Yale University has an even higher transfer rate: 7 percent. These rates are in comparison with Stanford’s 2.3 percent transfer acceptance rate; however, the rates are still slightly higher than that of Stanford’s transfers and lower than those of Ivy League schools such as Cornell University (15 percent), which has one of the highest transfer acceptance rates in the nation.

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