stony portal

stony portal

once, i built a stony portal into the sea

Once, I built a stony portal into the sea.

A dam to keep the waves at bay, to let me breathe.

I thought that I could control everything.

You were there, watching me fail and wondering why

with my own hands and stone by stone

With my own hands and stone by stone,

I built a bridge of standing stones,

To cross the River Cold.

   The black river flows

Between me and the town in which I live.

The stones rise above the surface of the water,

Like an arch of white bones,

Over an abyss.

to the ocean i went to deliver myself

To the ocean I went, to deliver myself.

You asked me what I was doing, when I was going away.

I am not sure that you understood my response, which did not satisfy you at all.

and i spoke my heart to the waves, who listened in awe

>The sea is a good listener.


>It hears everything and takes it in, accepting every thought, every confession, and every secret as they are spoken. The sea accepts the words given to it with grace and understanding, appreciating them for what they are: the thoughts and emotions of a creator. It listens for as long as you wish to speak; its ears come in the form of waves that lap up the beach. They are endless and patient; the speaker may talk until eternity comes to an end if he or she so wishes.

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