Student Loan Forgiveness Art Institute

Student Loan Forgiveness Art Institute

If you’re a student struggling with the costs of your education, then you may be interested in student loan forgiveness programs. The Art Institute’s closure is bad news for former students who were hoping to use their student loans as a way to pay off their debt. If you were planning on using this program to help yourself out of debt, we can help you find other options that might be available to help with your finances.

Student Loan Forgiveness Art Institute Info

The Art Institutes were a group of for-profit art colleges owned and operated by Education Management Corporation (EDMC). EDMC was founded in 1962 and based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Art Institutes offered degrees in design, media arts, culinary arts, fashion design, interior design and performing arts. The schools were accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (HLC) until 2016 when this accreditation was withdrawn.

Eligible majors include:

  • All majors are eligible
  • Majors include:
  • graphic design
  • photography
  • interior design
  • digital media
  • game art, animation, motion graphics and video game design. Multimedia is also a choice of major at the Art Institute. This includes web design, music composition and sound engineering. Dance majors learn choreography while studying musical theatre as well.

Admission requirements include:

Admission requirements include:

ACT or SAT scores from the testing date of your last high school class. You must have a minimum score of 20 on the ACT or 480 on the SAT (math and reading/writing) for admission consideration. If you took either test before February 2016, you should send your scores to Art Institute at least three weeks before your orientation date. Please note that alternate English language tests are not accepted for admission purposes.

A high school diploma or GED equivalent, with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher for most programs. Some programs may require higher GPAs; see each major’s page for details about what GPA is required in which major.*

Why the Closure of The Art Institutes is Bad News

The closure of The Art Institutes is bad news for students. It means the loss of an opportunity for many people to pursue their dreams, and it leaves many individuals with student loan debt that will be nearly impossible to pay back.

The closure of The Art Institutes is bad news for instructors. They now have fewer options when seeking employment, and they may have trouble finding other jobs in the art community because their last employer went out of business.

The closure of The Art Institutes is bad news for art itself as a whole; without any sort of institutional support or funding, there are fewer opportunities available to help teach aspiring painters, sculptors, and photographers how they can improve their skillset—and those who do want such instruction will probably have no choice but to go through one or more organizations dedicated solely towards giving people this type of education (like Skillshare).

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—the closure signifies a general downward trend in consumer spending power across America because fewer consumers will be able build up savings faster than before due largely in part because now they’ll need even longer periods before being able afford things like homes/apartments etcetera which means overall output levels might drop significantly over time if we don’t take steps soon enough.”

Your Next Steps

  • Contact your lender.
  • Apply for income-driven repayment plans, if eligible.
  • Consolidate your loans, if you have multiple federal student loans and are not already in a consolidation loan or income-driven repayment plan.
  • Consider a forbearance or deferment, if you need time to pay off your loan before it is forgiven (you must reapply each year).
  • Consider a borrower defense claim, which can be used by students who were misled into taking out their federal student loans but did not receive the education they paid for due to fraud from their school or its parent corporation (you must file within three years of the date you first become aware of the problem).

If none of these options work for you and there’s no other way that you can afford your monthly payments, consider refinancing with a private lender; rates on these new mortgages could be lower than what you currently pay on existing debt!

There may be other options to help you manage your student loans.

If you are struggling to pay off your student loans, there may be other options to help you manage your student loans. Check with the following:

  • Your lender.
  • Your school.
  • The government.
  • Your state.
  • Your employer.
  • A credit counselor/debt consolidation company/credit union/personal loan provider

We recommend you to apply for student loan forgiveness and not let this opportunity pass. There are many websites that can help you with the process of applying for student loan forgiveness, so make sure you check those out before making any decisions.

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