Study Abroad University Of Maryland

Study Abroad University Of Maryland

Experience a different world, enhance your language skills, build friendships and have fun.

  • You will learn about a different culture
  • You will meet people from all over the world
  • You will get a chance to practice your language skills
  • You will have fun.

Discover incredible opportunities during winter and summer sessions.

Winter sessions are shorter in duration than summer sessions.

The winter session is a half-semester of coursework, lasting from January through May, and includes two weeks of vacation. The summer session lasts an entire semester and has a longer break between semesters.

A summer abroad can offer an experience of a lifetime.

A summer abroad can offer an experience of a lifetime. As most students know, the best time to travel is during the summer, when you can have more flexibility in your schedule and often have less responsibility than during school breaks. Summer is also a great time for college students to study abroad because it offers many opportunities for international travel without having to worry about missing classes or exams. Students may be able to take part in internships, volunteer projects and even language courses while they’re abroad; some programs even offer English-language training before students leave so they can get their feet wet right away!

Learn about the people, places, food and culture that make Asia your next study abroad destination.

Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world, containing more than half of the Earth’s population. Asia has the largest population of any continent, with around 4 billion people. The continent is home to many ancient civilizations: China, India, Japan and Korea all have histories stretching back thousands of years.

The climate varies greatly across Asia; it spans tropical to arctic climates. Some regions experience monsoons that bring heavy rain at regular intervals throughout the year. Other areas have drier weather patterns that vary depending on elevation or proximity to an ocean or sea.

Asia has several different languages spoken by millions of people in countries such as China and India—and even within those countries there are multiple languages spoken by different ethnic groups (known as dialects). Each country also has its own religion(s) which may be predominant in certain areas or regions but not others—for example Hinduism is practiced mainly by Indians living along eastern coastlines while Christians live mostly inland near western borders with Pakistanis practicing Islam throughout their landmass.

Discover the world of Africa through study abroad programs that focus on everything from language to development.

Study abroad programs in Africa are available to all students, regardless of major. The continent is a land of great diversity, home to over 1 billion people speaking more than 2,000 languages and dialects. Study abroad programs in Africa are ideal for those looking to learn a new language or gain a greater understanding of the culture that surrounds it.

As one of the world’s most ethnically diverse continents, there are many opportunities for students interested in learning about African cultures by studying abroad on this fascinating continent. Students can choose from hundreds of schools offering study abroad programs throughout Sub-Saharan Africa or even South Africa or Egypt!

Find out how you can enhance your education with a semester or year studying in Australia or New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand are two of the most popular study abroad destinations. Both countries offer an international experience with a unique mix of cultural and educational opportunities, which makes them appealing to students looking for something beyond the typical Western European or North American programs.

Australia and New Zealand are both located in Oceania, making them convenient places to study if you’re interested in exploring other parts of the region. They’re also relatively close to one another geographically, so it’s easy to travel between them during your time abroad with our semester or year long program.

Both countries have similar climates (with hot summers and cold winters), similar landscapes (an abundance of beaches and mountains), and even share some similarities in their language use – although Australians speak English while Kiwis speak Maori!

Europe is home to some of the oldest universities on earth and two-thirds of all American students who study abroad choose between France, England, Italy and Spain.

If you’re looking for a place to study abroad, Europe is home to some of the oldest universities on earth and two-thirds of all American students who study abroad choose between France, England, Italy and Spain. You can study in the UK, France, Italy, Spain (to name just a few), as well as Germany and Sweden.

Explore historic sites around the world while studying Latin American cultures and languages in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

As a student studying abroad in Latin America, you will explore the rich history and culture of each country while learning Spanish. Additionally, you’ll be able to learn about the people who live there today and how they are affected by their past. Each course is tailored to your specific interests so that you can gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live in this region of the world.

When studying abroad in Argentina, Brazil or Chile, learn about these countries’ struggles for independence from Spain and Portugal as well as their many contributions to modern society such as music, literature and art forms like tango dancing which took place during this time period. In Peru where Inca ruins are still found throughout its landscape deep within mountain ranges that surround Cuzco city center on high plateaus above 12000 ft elevation point out towards Machu Picchu mountain range (28000 ft above sea level) which is one example of how ancient civilizations lived before European colonization took place 500 years ago: – Archaeologists estimate more than 30 million people lived within this area until when Europeans arrived here after Hernan Cortes conquered Mexico City (Mexico). Some believe these were some kindest people ever existed because they created amazing structures such us terraces for growing food crops with irrigation systems called terraces which made them very successful at producing enough food supply year round without having any natural disasters occur due lack harvest seasons since it was hot humid climate region without storms/hurricanes etc.”

Live and learn in the Middle East as we expand our programs to include intensive Arabic language studies in Jordan and Morocco.

The University Of Maryland is expanding its Arabic language programs to include intensive Arabic language studies in Jordan and Morocco. The University has been offering Arabic language courses for more than 40 years, but this year is the first time that students will be able to study abroad in one of these countries.

For those interested in studying abroad at the University Of Maryland, there are several different options available depending on your level of proficiency in Arabic and how much time you want to spend studying abroad:

  • Intensive Summer Programs – Three weeks long, these summer programs provide students with a thorough introduction to both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Colloquial Jordanian or Moroccan dialects through classroom instruction, activities outside of class and homestays with host families.
  • Spring Break Study Abroad Programs – These four-day trips offer students an opportunity to explore a specific aspect of Middle Eastern culture while still allowing them time at home between semesters. Students may opt for either an MSA course or a colloquial CJS program during spring break.* Yearlong Courses – If you’re interested in living abroad for an entire year without having to worry about homesickness or adjusting back into school life at home when classes resume after winter break, then consider taking one of our yearlong courses!

There are many opportunities for you to go abroad for an extended period of time through the University Of Maryland. Consider learning Arabic in Morocco!

Morocco is a great place to study Arabic. If you’re looking for an opportunity to spend an extended period of time abroad, consider learning Arabic in Morocco! With all the options available, it can be difficult to choose where to go and what experience you want.

You could also study abroad at University Of Maryland where there are many opportunities for you to go abroad for an extended period of time through the University Of Maryland. The program offers students two separate options: one that focuses on language teaching and another with more cultural components (including sightseeing). The instructors are native speakers who know how best to teach the language while keeping in mind cultural differences between Morocco and America/Maryland/etcetera – so they can adapt their lessons accordingly!

There’s no better way than this one if your goal is really just learning this specific skill set up close and personal—and making some lifelong friends along the way!

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