Study medicine in europe in english for free

study medicine in europe in english for free

Medical studies in Central Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia

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Medical studies in Northern Europe: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden

Northern Europe has some of the world’s most progressive education systems and offers free medical studies in six countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden.

The northern European countries are beautiful places to study medicine. The weather might be a bit frosty at times but if you are after a place with low crime, great career prospects for doctors and a high quality of living then it is worth considering studying medicine in one of these countries.

Please click on the country you would like to study medicine in for more details about the course structure, entry requirements and application process (some information coming soon):

Medical studies in Eastern Europe: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

  • Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are part of the EU and EEA, so studying medicine in these countries is free both for EU citizens and international students.
  • All medical schools in Latvia offer subjects in English, while the University of Tartu offers English language programs in Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Public Health and Medical Biotechnology.

Medical studies in Southern Europe: Italy and Spain

A medical degree is a great way to get the start you need in your career. It will give you an edge, improve your chances of finding a job, and increase your pay considerably. As one of the seven wonders, it has become something you must do if you want to be considered an expert in something. I know that if I had pulled out my medical degree with all its rosettes on it, people would ask me more questions about myself and my life as opposed to saying “How many languages have you spoken?”, or “besides English, what other languages do you speak?”

While some study medicine in countries like the United States or Canada (like me), there are several advantages studying medicine in Southern Europe: The universities are cheaper than those in the United States; most facilities don’t require students with foreign degrees to sit for an American Bar Exam before starting clinical rotations; healthcare is more available; there’s less of a language barrier because Spanish is used as both a common language among Latin Americans and as second language by most Europeans; since English isn’t widely spoken outside of Western Europe anymore, it’s easy to find fellow students who can help translate things into Spanish (or vice versa).

Medical studies in Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands

If you are interested in studying medicine in western Europe, there are many universities offering free tuition or low-cost tuition for international students.

For example,

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Canada is a country that has great universities and offers a high standard of living. The cost of living in Canada is also comparatively low, meaning you can have a great quality of life.

Besides being multicultural, Canada also offers:

  • A safe environment for students to study;
  • Educational advantages such as cutting edge technology and extensive research opportunities;
  • Excellent healthcare system; and
  • Highly skilled workforce.

Free medical education is available throughout Europe.

There are many opportunities for you to study medicine in Europe for free. Some countries offer free medical education for EU citizens, such as Germany and the Czech Republic. Other countries extend this generosity to international students, such as Sweden and Greece. Because of the large number of English speakers in Europe, there are many programs that teach in English so you won’t have to learn a foreign language before beginning your studies.

However, although it may be easier than ever to find a program where you can study medicine for free in Europe, it is still important to do your research before applying. While the benefits of free tuition cannot be overstated, it is important nonetheless to make sure that any program you enter fits your needs and goals.

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