study nursing in korea

study nursing in korea

korea is a beautiful country.

Why Korea? Korea is a beautiful country. It has many tourist attractions, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon Village and the Seoul City Wall, which were built during the Joseon Dynasty. You can find these places in downtown of Seoul or other metro areas. Besides that, there are many mountains and rivers with beautiful natural scenery to visit like Mount Seorak and Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival. If you want to taste delicious food and shop for interesting things, there are hundreds of restaurants and markets all over the city for you to enjoy unique Korean culture experience!

The most important reason why you should study nursing in Korea is that there are many universities in Korea that teach in English. You don’t have to worry about language barrier problems! More importantly, education expenses in Korea are relatively low compared to the United States and Canada. Studying nursing abroad gives you international exposure which will create more opportunities for your future career development even after graduation!

it has many tourist attractions.

As a tourist in Korea, you have many tourist attractions to choose from.

Korea has a great history and many of its tourist attractions are very old.

However, they have been preserved carefully so it is possible for you to see them as if they were brand new.

The tourist attractions are very beautiful, so you will be able to take many photos! It is also very common for Koreans to enjoy these popular places together with their friends and family members.

korea has good food.

Korean food is delicious, healthy, diverse and cheap. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, so you will never feel bored dining out. And it’s very easy to find your favorite food since Korean cuisine has various options such as meat dishes, seafood dishes, vegetable dishes and many others.

  • Kimchi – The national dish of Korea!
  • Korean BBQ – Thinly sliced beef or pork grilled at the table on a gas or charcoal grill built into the table itself.
  • Samgyeopsal (삼겹살) – Literally “three layered flesh”, these are thick cuts of fatty pork belly meat.
  • Sundubu Jjigae (순두부 찌개) – A soft/silken tofu stew with vegetables, seafood, mushrooms and often a raw egg cracked in just before serving. This one is especially popular with foreigners for some reason!

they have good universities that also teach in English.

Yonsei University

The Yonsei University College of Nursing offers a part-time program in English that takes 4 years to complete, including the summer semester. Students must have a bachelor’s degree in any field and must have completed a science course with lab component. Students are also required to submit a score on an English proficiency test, such as the TOEFL or IELTS.

they have many universities to choose from.

If you’re interested in studying nursing in Korea, you’ll be spoilt for choice as there are hundreds of universities to choose from.

Here are some of the best universities in South Korea:

  • Yonsei University
  • Seoul National University
  • Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)
  • Korea University
  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
  • Korea University of Technology and Education

you should go to korea to study nursing

If you wish to study nursing in Korea, you should consider the following:

  • Korean universities have good nursing programs.
  • Korea is a beautiful country.
  • Korea has good food.
  • Studying in Korea will be a good experience.
  • Korean universities have good nursing programs that teach in English. There are many universities to choose from.

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