Summer Camp At University Of Miami

Summer Camp At University Of Miami

If you’re looking for a fun and memorable summer, then the University of Miami’s Summer Camps are for you! Our camps offer kids aged 4-14 a chance to explore all that STEM has to offer. We offer robotics, coding and more. If your child has an interest in science or technology, this is the perfect way for them to spend their summer break!

Summer Camp @ University Of Miami

Summer camp is a great way to get your child excited about science and technology. Children will learn all the basics of physics, chemistry and biology while building their own robots. This camp is perfect for students who want to learn more about robotics and other STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields during the summer break!

Summer Camp @ University Of Miami

When: July 2-6

Where: University Of Miami campus

Program Highlights

Program Highlights:

  • The program will provide an opportunity for students to live and interact with other students from around the world.
  • Program participants will learn about different cultures and make new friends.
  • There will be lectures, group discussions, presentations, field trips and other activities related to the topic of study. In addition, there will be an opportunity for you to take part in cultural activities including dance workshops or theater shows. There may also be some organized sporting events which can count towards your Physical Education requirement if applicable at your university/college/school etc., e.g., soccer matches against other universities in Europe (the exact nature of these events depends on how many people join).
  • Program Overview: Program Overview – A unique opportunity to study abroad with classmates from all over the world! This program is open to high school seniors who plan on attending college full-time next year (or those who are currently enrolled). Students must submit their application by March 15th in order to secure a spot in this program during Summer 2018! During their stay abroad at UM’s campus near Miami Beach Florida where they can expect plenty of sunshine and beaches nearby!”

Design, build, and program robots!

Robots are used in many applications that take advantage of their unique abilities. In this camp, you will design, build and program robots that are capable of moving around a room autonomously without any guidance from humans. You will learn how to use a variety of sensors including touch sensors and light sensors as well as actuators such as motors and buzzers. You will also learn how to program in C++ using both text files and graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

You will learn how to use the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is an open source software used for programming microcontroller boards like the Arduino Uno board we’ll be using here at camp!

Apply coding concepts to develop your own applications!

You will learn how to code, design, build and program robots. While you’re here, we’ll cover:

  • Coding concepts
  • Designing and building projects
  • Developing your own applications (apps)

Team up with friends and soar in our drone flight simulator!

You can also try out the drone simulator, which is a drone flight simulator. It has many games, and it’s free to play. You can use it at home on your computer or on a console like the Xbox or PlayStation 4. There are also 3D drone simulators that you can download and play with Unity engine software.

Design, test and launch a rocket!

In this camp, you will design and build a model rocket. You will learn about rocket science as well as the history of space exploration from ancient times to today. Rocket experts will teach you about various types of rockets, propulsion systems, engines and thrust. Students will build their own model rocket designed for maximum altitude with a parachute recovery system. The goal is to launch the rockets on campus using compressed air or helium as the propellant source.

Build, test, and race cars on the track!

  • Build, test and race a car.
  • Use the controller to drive cars on the track.
  • Use the remote to drive cars on the track.
  • Use a computer to play racing games where you can steer your car with arrow keys or WASD keys depending on the game you are playing.
  • Use an app for tablets and/or phones that lets you use your fingers as steering wheels in order to drive cars around tracks in any direction that you want them to go!

Learn the basics of programming from scratch by exploring an interactive coding platform!

A programming camp is a great way to learn the basics of programming from scratch. In this camp you will explore an interactive coding platform and take your first steps towards learning how to write code. You’ll then use that code to solve problems, create applications and games, or build animations! The possibilities are endless for this fun-filled week of exploring what it means to be a programmer.

This camp is designed for children ages 8-12 who are interested in learning more about computer science through hands-on activities that explore basic programming concepts such as variables, functions and loops.

Attendees should have some experience with computers (iPads/laptops etc.), but no prior knowledge or experience is necessary!

Explore all that STEM has to offer while working with industry experts.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is a broad area of study that includes many types of jobs, such as computer science or chemical engineering.

The benefits of a STEM education include opportunities to work in one of the fastest growing industries in America and to find employment in almost every state across the country. You will also be able to test your ideas on projects through labs or create products that benefit society. The salary for someone who graduates with an undergraduate degree in STEM is $60K/year according to Payscale’s data from 2017.[1]

However, there are some challenges you might face if you want to pursue this type of education: colleges may not offer enough support resources for students changing majors from non-STEM fields; it may be hard for these students because they don’t have much experience working with engineers or computer scientists who can help them learn about their field; many schools don’t offer specialized programs where all four areas (science, technology, engineering and math) come together.[2]

There are many different types of STEM jobs available today including: software developers; physicians specializing in radiology imaging systems; mechanical engineers designing robotics components[3].

This is going to be a blast!!

This summer camp will be a blast! Here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll learn how to code and design robots!
  • You’ll make new friends with other campers who are just as excited about technology as you.
  • You’ll get hands-on experience with concepts like programming, robotics, and design.
  • And best of all? You’ll have fun doing it!

I hope you’re as excited about the summer camp at University Of Miami as I am! If you are, then this is your chance to get in on all of the fun! The program is open to students who are entering grades 6-10 and have had little or no experience with STEM. You can sign up at

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