sunburst scholarship

sunburst scholarship

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the Sunburst Scholarship, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.
  • You must have satisfactorily completed at least 2 years of full-time study in an undergraduate degree programme at SUSS.
  • You must have been offered admission to a full-time graduate degree programme at SUSS.

Financial need

You need to demonstrate financial need in order to be eligible for this scholarship. To determine financial need, we consider your family’s income and assets, family size and number of children attending college, the number of people in your household who will attend a post-secondary institution at the same time, special family circumstances that affect your educational costs or your family’s ability to pay for college, and other factors.

For example: A single mother with two children living with her would have a higher expected contribution than a married couple with two children living with them.

Academic ability#

There is no minimum GPA or academic standing required

You must have a minimum of a level of a distinction in H2 Mathematics and H2 Physics in A-Levels, or equivalent.

Co-curricular activities#

Extracurricular activities are important to colleges. They want to know that you’ve not only been successful at school, but that you’ve taken on the extra challenge of building a strong application outside of the classroom. What do they mean by extracurriculars? They mean any activity, club, sport or community service project that’s outside your regular coursework.

So why should you consider taking on an extracurricular? First of all, it shows that you’re committed to something beyond just yourself and your grades. Your participation in these activities will demonstrate your passion for a particular subject or hobby and showcase your interests and talents. Secondly, it’ll help build an impressive resume when applying for college or even future jobs!

Leadership potential and motivation to give back to the community#

For the purpose of this scholarship, Sunburst would like to recognize those who have shown leadership skills and a sincere desire to give back to their community. Leadership potential can be defined in many ways. The qualities of a true leader are:

  • a vision for the future
  • an ability to motivate others and create strong teams
  • an ability to work with people from all walks of life

A student’s motivation is best demonstrated through actions, rather than words. Sunburst is looking for students who not only want to go out into the world and make it better, but those that already are doing so. A strong candidate will demonstrate their motivation by providing relevant examples from their past or present experience.

Intellectual curiosity and ability to thrive in a diverse and multi-cultural environment.

Intellectual Curiosity is the desire to learn and seek new knowledge.

A diverse and multi-cultural environment is a place where you are exposed to people who have different cultural backgrounds and experiences.

You can show intellectual curiosity by getting involved in things that interest you, such as joining a club, volunteering for a cause or organization, pursuing your own ideas for research or solving problems, etc.

You can demonstrate the ability to thrive in a diverse and multi-cultural environment by being sensitive to other people’s experiences, being open minded about issues that affect other groups of people, advocating for others when needed, etc.

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