Teacher Salary In Costa Rica

With Careerkeg, you can research how much teachers make in every school district in Costa Rica. Explore the districts below and find out how much you can earn as a teacher at each one.

How much do teachers make in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, with a lot to offer its residents. But one thing it doesn’t have is a high starting salary for teachers. According to the World Bank, the average starting teacher salary in Costa Rica is just $1,200 per month.

That’s not exactly chump change, but it’s also not enough to live comfortably on—especially if you’re just starting out in your career and still have student loans to pay off.

Salary and benefits when teaching English in Costa Rica

Teaching English in Costa Rica means that teachers can generally earn a monthly salary of around $600-1,000 USD. While the amount may sound low, the cost of living is comparably low as well, and most teachers find that they do not have a problem affording rent, food, and smaller luxuries.

For licensed educators who find work in Costa Rica’s international schools, some institutions provide accommodation in addition to the teacher’s monthly salary.

How to teach English in Costa Rica

Qualifications to teach English in Costa Rica

TEFL certificate is frequently, though not always, required in order to teach English in Costa Rica. Teachers with a TEFL or CELTA can usually expect to earn a slightly higher salary and will be more competitive for a wider range of teaching jobs.

Visas for teachers in Costa Rica

Because it is fairly expensive for employers to sponsor teachers on a work permit, schools need to ensure they’re hiring the right candidate before they commit to sponsorship. Therefore, when applying for English teaching jobs in Costa Rica, keep in mind that the interview process can be lengthy.

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