Teacher Salary In France

The average teacher salary in France depends on the teacher’s level, education level, and unions to which they belong. The overall average of a French teacher salary is about €4,000 net per month.

Types of Teaching Jobs in France

There are several options for teaching English in France. You can work independently as a private tutor or through an agency specializing in finding full-time or part-time positions as an English teacher. If you’re looking for something more casual, you can also get hired on a per-hour basis at most universities and high schools throughout the country. Because most universities are government-funded, they offer more competitive salaries than other places where you’d teach.

Private Elementary & Secondary Schools

French private elementary and secondary schools are competitive and expect a lot from their teaching staff. However, they offer a fantastic environment to continue developing as they are incredibly well-resourced. The staff is motivated and has an engaged student body with many opportunities to learn about the French curriculum.

Private English Language Schools

In France, private English language schools are more flexible in their qualification requirements. They’ll usually expect you to hold a Bachelor’s degree -– any degree –- and have a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) qualification, plus relevant work experience. You can still apply if you hold a lesser teaching qualification, but some schools may choose not to recognize it.

Tutoring for the Workforce

The French Chamber of Commerce and large private companies hire native English speakers to up-skill specific groups within the workforce. If you hold particular expertise in marketing, engineering, or the medical sector, you may want to consider teaching English to adults in a workplace setting.

Teaching Assistant Programs

Several organizations, such as the Alliance Francaise, offer Teaching Assistant positions for up to seven months. If you are a fluent French speaker, this is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in France and see if you enjoy living immersed in the culture. This role is geared toward young college graduates and does not require a specific qualification beyond a Bachelor’s degree, only proficiency in the French language.

Average salary and benefits for teaching English in France

An English teacher’s monthly salary in France is between $1,498-$3,968 USD. Your monthly income will depend on the school you work at, your qualifications, and the benefits of your teaching contract. Some schools offer additional benefits like housing and health insurance, while others do not. If you are considering teaching English in France, it’s essential to get all the details about these benefits before accepting a job offer, so you know what your total salary will look like each month.

Common benefits included for teachers

As an English teacher in France, you can expect to receive some very valuable benefits:

  • Health insurance: You need to pay for the French health insurance system. If you don’t have a private health insurance policy, you can cover yourself through the public system.
  • Paid vacation: You will get 25 days of paid leave per year, plus every other holiday on your working day (Christmas, Easter).
  • Paid sick days: At least 20% of your salary will be paid out if you stay home for illness or family reasons. However, this is capped at 750 euros per month in average gross income for one year.
  • Transportation expenses: Transportation costs associated with going to work (such as train tickets) will also be reimbursed at certain times throughout the year based on how many days were worked during that period.
  • Housing: It’s not uncommon for teachers who teach English in France to receive accessible accommodations while they live there.
  • End of contract bonus: You will receive an additional compensation equal to 10% of your monthly gross salary at the end of the contract if all contractual obligations have been met by both parties (you and employer). The maximum amount paid as an end-of-contract bonus is one month’s gross salary (before taxes).

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