Teacher Salary In India

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Teachers are the backbone of any society. They teach the young minds of tomorrow, and it is their job to prepare them for their future. Teachers have many responsibilities, but they should also be compensated fairly for their work.

There are many factors that influence teacher salaries, including location, experience level, education level and school type. In India, teachers earn an average salary of Rs. 80000 per month.

This article will discuss some common questions about teacher salaries in India.

Salary of Teacher: Designation wise

The average salary of a teacher based on various designations is tabulated below for your reference,

DesignationAverage Annual Salary
High school teacherINR 3.10 L
Secondary school teacherINR 3.08 L
Primary school teacherINR 2.55 L

Salary of a Teacher: Sector Wise

The average salary of a teacher in private and public sectors respectively are given below: 

SectorAverage Annual Salary
Government InstitutionsINR  3.15 L
Private InstitutionsINR 2.80 L

Salary of a Teacher: Subject Wise

Teachers are also paid differently according to what subjects they teach mostly because some subjects form part of the most sought qualification in the country while others become obsolete with time. That’s why it’s a common presumption that science subjects are tougher as compared to liberal arts like English or humanities for that matter. 

Tabulated below is the salary of a Teacher based on subjects that they teach,

Subject NameAverage Annual Salary
Humanities INR 3.02 L
Science INR 3.84 L
CommerceINR 3.12 L

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