Teacher Salary In Kenya

Teachers are an indispensable part of our society. Their job is not easy and they are underpaid. Here’s a table that shows how much a teacher earns in Kenya by level and qualification, plus an explanation of the Kenyan teacher salary system.

Teachers in Kenya earn one of the lowest salaries in the world. According to a report by World Atlas, teachers in Kenya make only $1,000 per month on average, or $12,000 per year. This is well below the national average salary for teachers worldwide, which is $15,000 per year.

In addition to this low salary, teachers in Kenya face many other challenges:

  • The lack of support from parents and students
  • The lack of resources available to them
  • The lack of motivation from their superiors

Primary School Teachers Salary in Kenya

Primary school teachers teach children between the ages of four to eleven. They ensure these children have good literacy level before going to secondary school.

Primary School Teachers salary ranges between ksh10,000 – ksh70,000 depending on the level of education and experience of the teacher.

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Secondary School Teachers Salary in Kenya

Secondary school teachers are responsible for teaching the curriculum subjects that are approved by the government. The secondary stage influences students career path greatly and as such is very important for students so teachers have a big role to play at this stage.

Secondary School Teachers salary ranges between Ksh 10,000– Ksh 150,000

Private and Public School Salary Comparison

In Kenya, teachers can either be employed in public schools by the government or private schools and for private schools, their salaries are determined by the school level depending on the strength and size of the school while public school salaries are from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) salary structure.

Other Salaries for Teachers in Kenya

Principal – ksh 102,807- 148,360

Head Teacher – ksh 36,000 – 50,000

Assistant Teacher – KSh 25,000 – 35,000

Teachers Average Salary by Location

Kwale – ksh 48,000

Narok – ksh 39,000

Garissa – ksh 38,000

Siaya – ksh 34,000

Kajiado – ksh 33,000

Taita-taveta – ksh 33,000

Nairobi – ksh 32,000

Nakuru – ksh 30,000

Migori – ksh 27,000

Mombasa – ksh 26,000

Kitui – ksh 22,000

Kisumu – ksh 19,000

Machakos – ksh 18,000

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