Teacher Salary In Philippines

A teacher salary in the Philippines is pretty low compared to other countries. This is because salaries are largely based on the level of education, experience and the geographic location where you will be teaching or working.

The estimated total pay for a Teacher is ₱46,000 per year in the Philippines area, with an average salary of ₱22,000 per year. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The estimated additional pay is ₱24,000 per year. Additional pay could include cash bonus, commission, tips, and profit sharing.

Position with corresponding Salary Grade2019
(last SSL)
(1st tranche)
(2nd tranche)
(3rd tranche)
(4th tranche)
Teacher I
Salary Grade 11
Teacher II
Salary Grade 12
Teacher III
Salary Grade 13
Master Teacher I
Salary Grade 18
Master Teacher II
Salary Grade 19
Master Teacher III
Salary Grade 20
Master Teacher IV
Salary Grade 21

From 20,754 last 2019, for this year 2021, Teacher 1 with a salary grade 11 will be getting a salary which amounted to 23,877. It will then increase to 25,439 in 2022 and 27,000 in 2023.

Teacher 2 with a salary grade of 12 will be getting 26,052 this 2021 from 22,938 last 2019. It will then increase to 29,165 in 2023.

Teacher III will receive 28,276 this 2021 and will increase up to 31,320 on 2023. Likewise for Master Teacher I, II, III and IV who will receive a salary increase each year until 2023. (See the table above for complete details).

Teacher Benefits and Compensation

Public teachers has also some benefits and compensation.

Clothing/Uniform AllowanceP6,000
Mid-year Bonus1-month basic salary
Year-end Bonus1-month basic salary
Cash giftP5,000
Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI)P5,000/year
Anniversary BonusP3,000 (NOTE: given only during a milestone year which is every 5 years)
Performance-Based Bonus –Ranges from 50-65% of the basic monthly salary depending on school performance
Proportional Vacation Pay (PVP)70 days PVP during summer and Christmas break for those who have rendered full services during the school year
Cash/Chalk AllowanceBefore- P3,500/year/teacher
Nov. 9, 2020, Under Senate Bill 1092, will increase as follows:
SY-2021-2022- Php 5,000
SY 2022-2023- Php 5,000
SY 2023-2024- Php 7,500
SY 2024-2025- Php 10,000

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