Teacher Salary In San Diego

The average teacher salary in San Diego is $70,000. This number is based on the average salaries of teachers with a Bachelor’s degree ($57,000) and Master’s degree ($79,000).

Teachers with a Bachelor’s degree will earn an average of $56,000 per year. Teachers with a Master’s degree will earn an average of $75,000 per year.

The highest paid teachers in San Diego receive $95,000 or more per year.


Pre-School Teachers

Pre-school teachers help to stimulate the social and intellectual development of children in nurseries and other types of educational establishments. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average pre-school teacher in the U.S. earns an average annual wage of $33,300, or $16.01 per hour. Pre-school teachers in Nebraska, New

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York and New Jersey are the best paid, with average annual salaries over $40,000, or $19.23 per hour.

Elementary School Teachers

The BLS reports that elementary teachers in the U.S. receive an average annual salary of $59.020, or $28.37 per hour. Many teachers, including those in New York City, receive their pay at set intervals throughout the course of the year. In other areas, teachers only receive pay when school is in session. Teachers in New York and Connecticut earned an average salary slightly over $75,000, or $36.05 per hour.

Secondary School Teachers

Secondary school teachers normally specialize in one particular subject, such as chemistry or mathematics. These teachers are employed in middle schools and high schools and, like elementary teachers, are normally paid an annual salary. According to the BLS, the average secondary school teacher in the U.S. earns an annual salary of $61,420 or $29.52 an hour. The highest paid secondary teachers work in Alaska and New York, earning just over $80,000, or $38.46 per hour.

Teacher’s Union Considerations

In some areas, teacher’s unions enter into collective bargaining agreements with school districts. Union members are assured of receiving either a minimum annual salary or a minimum hourly rate. Members of the Boston Teacher’s Union with a bachelor’s degree and experience can earn up to $92,147, or $44.32, an hour, as per the 2017-18 contract. Experienced members with a doctorate earn can up approximately $110,000, or $52.88 per hour.

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