Teacher Salary In Singapore

Teacher Salary in Singapore is a sensitive topic to discuss, especially because there is no agreement between the Ministry of Education, schools and teachers about the on-going salary issue. The movement by MOE this year showed that they finally realized the importance of teachers’ work and that their salaries must be adjusted accordingly.

The average salary for a teacher in Singapore is approximately £33,530.

While traveling to a new country to teach offers a number of new and exciting challenges, you will want to make sure you receive a good salary. Along with the sort of Singapore teacher salary you can expect to receive, here is a comparison of wages available in primary schools in other regions around the world.

Singapore Primary School Teacher Salary

The following salaries are approximations from various data sources to estimate fair averages of mid-level teachers. If you are an entry level teacher in Singapore, your salary may be less, but this will be up to the school’s discretion.

SingaporeS$58,000/ £32,960
Abu Dhabi137,000 AED/ £30,200
Dubai98,000 AED/ £21,600
China221,000 Yuan/ £25,300
Qatar108,000 QR/£24,000

Singapore Secondary School Teacher Salary

Meanwhile, wages available in the same regions for secondary schools are below:

SingaporeS$58,000/ £32,960
Abu Dhabi137,000 AED/ £30,200
Dubai98,000 AED/ £21,600
China221,000 Yuan/ £25,300
Qatar108,000 QR/£24,000

Please note, both the teacher salary in Singapore figure and those from other countries, are only approximations to give you an indication of the level to expect. The amount offered by each job will vary depending on the school, subject taught, job role and experience of the applicant, do not hesitate to enquire in detail with your potential employer and/or recruitment partner.

When reviewing the cost of living, also take into account the accommodation allowance that is also likely to be included in your teacher salary. Some international schools in the country may even offer accommodation on campus. If this is part of the package being offered, be sure to find out the amount on offer so you can do your calculations to see if it is worth pursuing. You can see each job’s benefits and what the school offers by browsing our Singapore teaching jobs

Taxes for teachers in Singapore

The tax rate for teachers in Singapore is lower than average at around 10%, different to the 15% average for foreign tax residents. You are however responsible for your own finances, meaning you must put aside this money each month to be paid at the end of the tax year. There are a lot of factors that can affect your tax rate so this would be something we advise researching in full prior to accepting a job.

Anyone working in Singapore is considered a tax resident if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • They permanently live in the country
  • Are classed as a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) with a fixed residency
  • Are a foreign national who has worked or remained in Singapore for at least 183 days in the previous Year of Assessment (YA)

The tax year in Singapore runs from January 1 through to December 31. If you have lived in the country for less than 183 days you are not viewed as a resident. If you are only teaching for a period between 61 to 183 days, your teacher salary in Singapore will be taxed at a higher level than the standard 15% resident tax rate. The rate will depend on the length of time you have spent on the island and the amount of income you have received.

There are some exemptions and exclusions available for temporary absences from the country, which can be requested before completing an expat tax return form.

Teaching Salary Singapore

How much does a teacher earn in Singapore?

 Early Childhood EducatorSpecial Education TeacherMOE TeacherPrivate Full Time Tutor
Monthly Pay With CPF Contributions
(+20% employer contribution)
~$2,160 – ~$9,120~$3,144 – ~$7,844~$3,100 – ~$9,500
Monthly Pay W/O CPFFrom $5,022
(Based on 35 hour work week assumption & teaching
students from Primary school)

Early Childhood Teacher Salary Singapore

According to a recent Ministry of Manpower (MOM) reportearly childhood educators in Singapore can generally expect to receive salaries in this range:

TrackDefinitionSalary Range (Monthly)¹
Educarer TrackEducators on this track will work with children aged two months to four years in both kindergartens and childcare centres$1,800 – $3,150

($2,160 – $3,780 w/CPF)
Teacher TrackEducators on this track will work with children aged four to six years in both kindergartens and childcare centres$2,200-$3,550

($2,640 – $4,260 w/CPF)
Leader TrackEducators on this track will take on centre or teacher leadership positions in both kindergartens and childcare centres$3,150-$7,600

($3,780 – $9,120 w/CPF)

Also do note that the salaries mentioned above do not include employer and employee Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions. If you count the employer CPF contributions of 20%, teachers get paid more compared to tuition teachers.

But, they also take home less pay.

Typically, Educarers (teachers who care for young children aged two months to four years old) can earn between $1,800 – $3,150 a month depending on their educational qualifications (professional certificate) and experience.

Whereas Teachers with teaching diplomas can earn between $2,200 – $3,550 a month depending on their educational qualifications and experience.

There is also the leadership track where you can take on ‘centre or teacher leadership positions in both kindergartens and childcare centres.’ These leadership positions pay handsomely as well with salaries ranging from $3,150 – $7,600 a month depending on your educational qualifications and experience.

For more information do refer to this guide from the Early Childhood Development Agency.

Early Childhood Teacher Benefits

As for benefits, it differs from employer to employer.

But as a reference, Ministry of Education (MOE) Kindergarten teachers are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Time off during school holidays, if your services are not required during that time.
  • Subsidised medical and dental benefits.
  • 14 days of medical leave without hospitalisation, and up to 60 days with hospitalisation.
  • 10 days of urgent leave for private matters, subject to approval.

Special Education Teacher Salary Singapore

Perhaps you are called to help children and youth with special educational needs fulfil their full potential.

A career as a special education (SPED) teacher in a Government-funded SPED school for children with moderate to severe special educational needs might be for you.

If you decide to take up this career, you’ll be glad to know that SPED teachers will receive a starting monthly salary of $2,620  $3,120.

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