Texas Colleges That Are Easy To Get Into

Texas Colleges That Are Easy To Get Into

Texas Colleges That Are Easy To Get Into

Are you a student who’s looking for an easy college to get into? There are plenty of options out there! Some schools require rigorous applications, while others take a more relaxed approach to admissions. If you’re interested in attending one of these schools, keep reading!

Texas State University

Texas State University is a public university located in San Marcos, Texas. The school is also known as Texas State or TSU. The school has an enrollment of more than 36,000 students annually. In fact, it was the second-fastest growing school in the United States according to its 2017 ranking by U.S News & World Report’s Best Colleges Rankings for 2019.

In order to be admitted into this university, students must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 on your high school transcript or 24 ACT score (or 1140 SAT score)
  • Minimum class rank of top 25% or equivalent ACT score (or 1140 SAT score) – unless otherwise required by federal law at time of application due to priority classification status; Priority classification status will only be granted if it meets federal guidelines when submitted with admission application and if student meets additional requirements listed below***END OF SECTION

Midwestern State University

The city of Wichita Falls is located in the northwestern area of Texas. The city was established in 1892 and has a population of around 120,000 people.

The university offers over 140 different degree programs at both undergraduate and graduate level. The most popular majors include business administration, accounting and finance as well as criminal justice studies.

Midwestern State University is a public university located in Wichita Falls, Texas. It was established in 1923 as Midwestern University and later renamed to its current name in 1965 to reflect its location within the state of Texas (midwest).

Angelo State University

If you’re looking for a school that will help you get into a good graduate program, ASU is a great choice. There are many graduate programs available at ASU, and they all have high acceptance rates. Specifically, the College of Education boasts an acceptance rate of 50 percent (meaning half of all applicants who apply to the program are accepted).

The campus is also beautiful—the scenery includes mountains and lakes. The University has over 400 student organizations on campus as well as intramural sports leagues for students to participate in throughout the year. Students can also take advantage of the many off-campus activities available in San Angelo, including concerts and festivals at Maverick Plaza downtown. Students will be immersed in Texas tradition while attending ASU!

Sam Houston State University

The Sam Houston State University has a student enrollment of 26,000 students, and is located in Huntsville, Texas. The tuition is $7,000 per year which makes it one of the most affordable colleges in the state.

The graduation rate at this university is 39%, and the student-to-teacher ratio is 15:1. It’s also ranked #3 in Texas for affordability!

Lamar University

Lamar University is located in Beaumont, Texas and was founded in 1923. It has an undergraduate enrollment of 12,875 and a total graduate enrollment of 3,859. Lamar University has a student body diversity index of 0.5.

If you want to attend a college that is easy to get into and affordable, Lamar University may be the perfect choice for you!

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University is a public research university located in Lubbock, Texas. It is the flagship institution of the Texas Tech University System and serves as the single institution of higher education for most of West Texas, including Abilene and Odessa.

The original campus was at South Plains College, now an extension center. In 1925, it was renamed Texas Technological College and received its present name in 1957.

In 1969, The Board of Regents conferred institution status upon the then-named Southwest Texas State University effective September 1; however this change was not recognized by the federal government until 1972 when they amended their charter to reflect such recognition while simultaneously renaming themselves again to reflect both changes (now known as “Texas A&M University–Kingsville”).

Tarleton State University

You’re wondering, “How easy is it to get into Tarleton State University?” We’re here to help. Located in Stephenville, TX and founded in 1899, this public university has an acceptance rate of 76%. You’ll need a high school GPA of 2.5 or higher and an ACT score of 18 or higher or SAT score of 970 for the best chance at being accepted by the university. The average class size is 20 students per class at Tarleton State University.

Prairie View A&M University

  • Prairie View A&M University is a historic black university in Texas.
  • Prairie View A&M University is located in Prairie View, Texas.
  • Prairie View A&M University is a public institution that was founded in 1876 by the Freedmen’s Bureau. The school was originally called “Prairie View Normal and Industrial College” but changed its name to “Land Grant Agricultural and Mechanical College for Negroes” after receiving federal funding from Congress during Reconstruction Era efforts to educate former slaves who had been freed by the Emancipation Proclamation.

Stephen F. Austin State University

Stephen F. Austin State University is a public university located in Nacogdoches, Texas. The school has an undergraduate enrollment of 14,853 students and a total graduate enrollment of 3,853 students—including both degree-seeking and non-degree students.

The university was founded in 1923 as a junior college and was later known as Stephen F. Austin State College before becoming a university in 1969 after its name change from Stephen F. Austin State College to Stephen F. Austin University (SFU).

UT Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington gives students the best of both worlds. With an ideal location in a big city — just 30 miles away from Dallas and Austin, two of the largest cities in Texas — it has a bustling campus life. But it also offers plenty of opportunities for nature lovers, such as its scenic lakeside location along Lake Arlington and its variety of outdoor recreational activities, like hiking and biking trails.

Students who want to be in a large university with plenty of amenities will feel right at home here; UT Arlington is one of the largest schools in Texas, with over 30 colleges on campus that offer undergraduate degrees ranging from computer science to theater arts. The school also boasts high graduation rates (86%) and notable alumni such as musician Shawn Mendes, actor Stephen Tobolowsky (“Seinfeld,” “Groundhog Day”), and former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe

Check out these Texas schools that are great for students with varying degrees of preparation.

  • Texas State University
  • Midwestern State University
  • Angelo State University
  • Sam Houston State University
  • Lamar University
  • Texas Tech University
  • Tarleton State University
  • Prairie View A&M University
  • Stephen F. Austin State University

There are colleges that are easy to get into that are a great choice for students who want to pursue their Bachelor’s degree. These schools have programs that prepare students well for the workforce or graduate school after graduating from college.

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