Texas Nursing Continuing Education Online

Nursing is a challenging and rewarding career that requires constant learning. Nurses who want to stay up to date with the latest medical advances need to take continuing education courses. There are many different ways to gain this education, and some programs cater specifically to nurses in Texas.

Texas Nursing Continuing Education Online

1 Continuing education is an important part of being a nurse.

Continuing education is an important part of being a nurse. Nurses must take continuing education classes to keep their license. In fact, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) lists twenty-four hours per two year cycle as the minimum requirement for nurses to maintain their licenses.

Continuing education can help you learn new skills and gain new knowledge, which can be useful both in your practice and in your personal life. For example, if you want to get into teaching or research positions at universities or hospitals, continuing education courses might be required for acceptance into these programs. Or maybe there are some new technologies out there that could help improve patient care—and maybe even save lives! Continuing education courses allow people like yourself who work with patients every day the chance to stay abreast with all sorts of changes happening around them (and even within themselves).

2 It is important to find a continuing education program that offers all of the classes you need.

Once you have a general idea of the types of courses to look for, it’s time to get more specific. You’ll want to find out if the program offers a list of approved classes, instructors and sites that can be taken at accredited institutions. The following questions should help guide your research:

  • What are their requirements for providers?
  • Do they have an approved course list?
  • Do they offer continuing education units (CEUs)?

3 Make sure you choose an accredited program.

Continuing education is important for nursing professionals to maintain their licensure, but you want to make sure the program you choose meets certain standards. The following are ways in which an accredited course can help you:

  • It ensures that the program meets the standards of your nursing board. If a state requires continuing education courses on specific topics and a given program does not meet these requirements, it may be difficult for you to take that class and still pass your exam.
  • Accreditation means recognition by your state’s board of nursing. This means that all course materials have been reviewed by this organization and deemed acceptable by them.
  • Accreditation means recognition by federal agencies like Medicare or Medicaid. These organizations only accept CE credits from accredited institutions because they want to ensure their patients have access to quality healthcare providers who are up-to-date with current trends in healthcare delivery methods and treatment modalities

4 If you are a nurse in Texas, it is important to find a program that specifically meets the needs of nurses in Texas.

If you are a nurse in Texas, it is important to find a program that specifically meets the needs of nurses in Texas. Nursing Continuing Education requirements are different from state to state and many of our competitors do not offer courses that meet the specific requirements set by the nursing board.

Texas has a unique set of regulations for nurses’ continuing education. In order for your license to be renewed, it is necessary for every nurse to complete at least 24 hours of nursing continuing education per two year period. If you choose our program, we guarantee your renewal!

In addition to meeting all state requirements, our program offers additional benefits for Texas nurses:

  • A hassle-free process with no paperwork or extra fees required from you;
  • Exclusive access to high quality online continuing education courses;
  • Courses available 24/7 from any computer or mobile device;

We can help you renew your license with ease!

5 You should be able to access your course materials whenever you have time, so it’s ideal if a program offers online classes.

Online classes are convenient and affordable, but they also offer other benefits. If you’re interested in online nursing continuing education courses, keep these tips in mind:

  • You’ll be able to access your course materials whenever you have time. This is especially helpful if you’re working full-time or have other obligations that make it difficult to attend traditional classes at set times.
  • Online nursing continuing education programs are often more affordable than traditional programs. You won’t have to pay for gas or parking, which can add up over the course of a semester or year.
  • Online classes allow you to work at your own pace. If your schedule changes suddenly and you need to finish an assignment sooner than expected, don’t worry! In an online class setting, it’s easy enough just go back and do what needs doing so that everything gets done on time (and ahead of schedule).
  • Online nursing continuing education courses allow students from all over the country—and even around the world—to take their classes without having to travel far away from home for training sessions every week.*

6 Find out more about the best options for continuing education for nurses in Texas.

The Texas Board of Nursing requires that all nurses participate in 30 contact hours of continuing education (CE) every two years. The board recognizes a variety of CE options, including online learning.

To ensure that you are meeting the requirements necessary to maintain your license, you will want to make sure you have completed your 30 hours of continuing education by taking some time out of your busy schedule and choosing an online program that works best for you.


If you are looking for a nursing continuing education program in Texas, there are plenty of options. The key is finding one that meets your needs and offers a variety of classes to choose from. As always, make sure that the program is accredited and offers online courses so you can access them whenever it’s convenient for you!

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