The history of French fashion

The history of French fashion

You may have heard that the French are known for their fashion. If you’ve ever wondered why, you’re not alone: many of us are curious about how and why the French have achieved such a reputation over time. The answer lies in the history of France and its relationship to modern technology.

French fashion has long been considered a model for other countries to follow. It’s no surprise that this is so, given how much time people spend in France—and how much money they spend on clothes! We spent two weeks visiting different cities in France as part of our study abroad program and were happy to learn about their rich history which dates back centuries ago when it was first started by Charlemagne, king of Franks during medieval period (751-987 CE) who used his wealth from trade routes connecting Europe with Asia through Turkey as well buying silk from China directly overland via Silk Road) – later became known as “Charlemagne” or “Charles The Great” (see more).

French fashion is part of global fashion.

Many people think that France is the origin of fashion, but French fashion designers are actually influenced by the world. They travel to other countries, such as New York or China, to acquire inspiration which they use to create their designs. Their own creations are also admired and used for inspiration in other countries: for example, many Japanese youth prefer wearing clothing with a “French style.”

In addition, French fashion and culture are very connected. What we wear is linked to our lifestyle; it tells us something about who we are and what we do. In France, the clothes must be chic and stylish. Even if you’re working in a factory or supermarket, you still have to look nice; this shows your respect for others around you and yourself.

Understanding the French culture

One of the biggest reasons that France is so famous for its fashion industry is because of its history. The French culture has always been obsessed with fashion, and this goes all the way back to the very beginning of France as a nation.

In fact, you can trace the roots of French fashion even further than that, all the way back to ancient Rome. Fashion has always been part of human culture, but when it comes to modern European civilization, there’s no place better known for its fashion industry than Paris.

But why do we look at Parisian fashion with such awe and respect? After all, there are other countries in Europe that are just as developed as France. What makes Paris stand out among them?

The international connections of French fashion

French fashion is one of France’s most popular international exports. In fact, it is more famous than French food and art, although not as famous as Italian fashion or Japanese fashion.

How to get involved in the French fashion industry.

You can start getting involved in the French fashion industry by working as an intern. You can look for internship opportunities in Paris or any other big, fashion-centric city in France online. These internships are a great way to gain first-hand experience and to network with people who can help you get your career going.

You could also take part in the many international fashion events that take place across France every year and get to know designers and brands from all over the world. There’s Fashion Week, Haute Couture, Pret à Porter, trade shows like Who’s Next or Premiere Classe and many more. If you’re lucky enough to live close by, check out these events on their websites to see if there’s any opportunity for young talent like yourself!

If you’d rather be in front of the camera than behind it creating designs and patterns, then consider becoming a model instead! France has many modeling schools that offer certification programs and training courses where you learn how to walk on a runway, pose for photographs and work with stylists (to name just a few key skills). The industry is also constantly looking for new faces so don’t be afraid of approaching agencies if you think they might be interested in working with you!

No matter what your ambitions are when it comes to fashion – whether that means designing clothes or wearing them – staying up-to-date on all things related will help keep your creativity fresh so keep reading about trends online before heading off into town for some inspiration of your own!

How to become a student in France.

As a student, you will need to obtain a visa. You can find more information on French visas here:

Once you have your visa, it’s time to decide where in France you wish to study fashion. There are many top universities throughout the country and each offers its own curriculum and specializations.

Here is a list of some great universities for fashion design:

  • Esmod Paris – Founded in 1841, this highly-respected school is not only known for producing high caliber designers but also has a school specialized in patternmaking in Tunis;
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ENSATM) – Considered one of the best fashion schools in France, as well as internationally;
  • École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (Ensad) – Located in Paris and known for its broad curriculum;
  • L’Ecole De La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne – Also located in Paris and offering excellent reputation and facilities.

French culture and fashion are linked together.

France has a long history of producing excellent fashion designers and has had a major influence on the world of fashion. The French culture has had a profound effect on the development of style. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • the link between fashion and culture
  • the influence of history on fashion
  • the influence of geography on fashion
  • the influence of social status on fashion
  • the influence of economics on fashion
  • the influence of religion on fashion
  • the influence of politics on fashion

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