Top Colleges That Give Merit Scholarships

Top Colleges That Give Merit Scholarships

The college admissions process is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The good news is that some of the most elite colleges in the country offer merit-based scholarships that can make a huge difference in your financial situation. These schools aren’t just looking for students who can afford to pay full tuition. Instead, they’re looking for students who are academically talented but may not have access to or resources for scholarships or other funding sources. So if you’ve got an SAT score above 1400 (or ACT score above 35), this list of top colleges with merit-based scholarships is probably going to interest you:

Stanford University

Stanford University is a private research university located in Palo Alto, California. Stanford was established in 1891 by Leland and Jane Stanford to educate “students of limited means” and opened its doors on October 1, 1891. In 1892, it became the first university on the West coast of America to offer a Ph.D., which makes it one of the oldest American universities with such an award.

Stanford’s engineering program is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 among all American universities and colleges. This strong emphasis on engineering means that you’ll have plenty of opportunities no matter what field you choose to pursue at this school.

In addition to its prestigious reputation as an institution for higher learning in general and engineering specifically, Stanford also boasts an acceptance rate lower than Harvard or Yale—and even then only offers merit scholarships like other schools do! The cost per year at Stanford will probably vary depending upon your course load but we estimate that it would be around $200K/year if you do everything possible without taking out loans (which would defeat our purpose).

Princeton University

Princeton University is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, and it offers a wide range of merit scholarships to keep its student body diverse. The university has an endowment of $22 billion, with annual expenditures that amount to less than half that figure—meaning there’s plenty left over for financial aid packages. Princeton is also committed to providing need-based financial aid, as well as resources like tutoring centers and career guidance services.

Students at Princeton have access to nearly all undergraduate classes taught either by faculty members or graduate students who have been trained by faculty members; this small student-to-faculty ratio allows students to get more out of their education without being overwhelmed by professors’ schedules or workloads.

Harvard University

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, established in 1636. Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and the first corporation (officially The President and Fellows of Harvard College) to be chartered in the country.

Harvard’s founding is often dated to October 28, 1636 when John Harvard died leaving his estate to form a school. The school was named after its first benefactor; as it grew over time, additional donations were made by Thomas Dudley and others along with funds raised from local taxes on property owners within parish boundaries; these funds allowed for construction of buildings such as Massachusetts Hall (1674) which served as both classroom space for students at one end while also housing faculty offices on other floors above it; this development remained unaltered until 1894 when architect Charles Follen McKim designed new dormitories that became known as Quadrangle Halls today.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

If you’re looking for a top engineering school, look no further than MIT. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, with an acceptance rate of 8%. The average SAT score for its admitted students is around 1590 (740 Critical Reading, 760 Math) and the average ACT score is 32. With such high admission standards, it should come as no surprise that they have a lot of merit scholarships available!

MIT has an annual tuition cost of $50k which might seem like a lot but remember: you get what you pay for! According to U.S News & World Report (2017), MIT has one of the best academic reputations among all colleges in America; this alone would make it worthwhile to apply here if you’re thinking about going into engineering or computer science fields because at this school your likelihood of getting hired after graduating is very high due to their excellent reputation in these fields…and don’t forget about those scholarships!

Duke University

Duke University is a private research university located in Durham, North Carolina. Founded by Methodists and Quakers in 1838, the university was named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s family. The school offers merit scholarships to students who have excellent academic performance and extracurricular activities. It is ranked as the eighth best university in the world, according to U.S News & World Report.[1]

A total of 13,000 undergraduates and 6,000 graduate students attend Duke University each year.[2]

California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology (commonly referred to as Caltech) is a private research university located in Pasadena, California. It was founded in 1891 as Throop University by Amos G. Throop and George Ellery Hale and has been called the “birthplace of Silicon Valley” for its role as one of the best known research institutions in the world.

The institution comprises ten academic divisions with strong emphasis on science and engineering, including aerospace, biology and earth sciences, chemistry and chemical engineering; computer science; economics; electrical engineering; geology, oceanography and planetary science; mathematics; mechanical engineering; neuroscience; physics.

Caltech is notable for its unique educational philosophy: all faculty teach undergraduate courses as well as working on their own research projects while having access to world-class laboratories. Students are encouraged to learn from faculty members through self-directed study rather than following a typical lecture format or taking notes from class sessions (though some lectures are still offered).

These colleges all offer merit scholarships to students.

There are some top colleges that offer merit based scholarships to students. The amount of these scholarships ranges from $2000 to $26,000. To apply for these scholarships you need to submit your application through the school’s website and submit an essay about how the scholarship will help you achieve your goals.

The following list contains some of the top colleges that give merit-based scholarships:

  • College of William and Mary – Williamsburg, Virginia (College of William and Mary)
  • University at Albany – Albany, New York (Albany College for Women)

We hope that this article has been helpful to you. We compiled a list of the top colleges that give out merit scholarships, and we discussed the benefits of attending these schools.

What are your thoughts on our list? Do you think we missed any colleges that should be included in this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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