tsinghua university tuition fees for international students

tsinghua university tuition fees for international students

Tsinghua University Fees for International Students

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Tuition fees at Tsinghua University

The tuition fees at Tsinghua University for international students vary according to the program and duration of study, but generally fall between RMB 60-80,000 per year. There are no long-term discounts (i.e., you will pay the same tuition fee regardless of whether you are studying for one semester or a full academic year). All students must also pay a RMB 2,000 annual registration fee.

A one time application fee of USD 140 is payable when submitting your application online on the university website. This fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another applicant or another institution.

If your application is successful and you choose to accept the offer, you must pay an Acceptance Fee in order to confirm your acceptance of this offer by a set deadline (generally 1 month after receiving the offer), usually in early July. The payment can be made by credit card via Tsinghua’s online system or via wire transfer through a local bank account in China.

Tsinghua University scholarships

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Living expenses at Tsinghua University

Living expenses in China will vary depending on where you choose to live. Because of its large population, housing costs in Beijing can be very high. The average rental fee for a single bedroom apartment is approximately 5,000 CNY per month. Students are advised to budget more than this amount if they would like more space to live.

Food costs will also vary depending on your activity level and diet. International students can expect to spend between 1,700 – 3,700 CNY per month on food in China. It is important to note that the cost of alcohol can be much higher than other countries due to import taxes and the availability of liquor stores and bars that cater to expats and tourists.

Other monthly expenses will also vary depending on your individual needs, but should be budgeted at around 2,500 CNY/month for international students attending Tsinghua University.

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Tuition fees

  • Tuition for international students is 16,000 RMB per year. That’s around $2,358 USD.
  • In each term, you’ll also have to pay a Learning and Evaluation Fee of 1,500 RMB. This fee pays for exams and assessments. It costs about $219 USD per term.

Living expenses

> * We recommend that you budget 15,000 RMB for basic living expenses in your first year in Beijing: 4,000 RMB ($580 USD) for accommodation and 11,000 RMB ($1,600 USD) for food and other things like transportation costs or entertainment.

> * After the first year of study at Tsinghua University you should be able to live on 11-12,000 RMB a year.

> * But remember that you might want to travel while you’re studying abroad! If so then make sure to set aside extra money in your budget so that you can go on trips during the holidays when prices are usually cheaper (like they would be if you were traveling within China). You will find more information about how much it costs to explore China in our Cost of Traveling Around China article here on TouchChina!

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