Tuition For University Of Portland

Tuition For University Of Portland

Tuition for University of Portland is broken down by school type, degree level, and program. The cost to attend the university depends on your major or area of study.


Undergraduate tuition and fees: $40,542

Graduate tuition and fees: $41,500

Doctoral tuition and fees: $50,290


The cost of tuition for graduate programs is higher than undergraduate programs. However, there are many more benefits to earning a graduate degree that make it worth the extra cost.

An advanced degree will help you advance your career by adding value and increasing your earnings potential. Most employers look favorably upon job applicants with professional certifications and degrees. In addition, most employers prefer candidates who possess both an undergraduate and graduate degree in their field of interest over someone with only an undergraduate degree or who has not earned any college credits at all.


The tuition for doctoral students is $10,000 per year.

Here’s the breakdown for University of Portland tuition.

The cost of tuition at University of Portland is $51,000 a year. For prospective students who are interested in paying in cash and don’t want to take out loans or student loans, the total cost of attendance at University of Portland is $51,000 a year.

You now know the cost of tuition at University of Portland. We hope this information is helpful as you work on planning for college expenses.

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