Umass Dartmouth Meal Plans

The UMass Dartmouth meal plans are a convenient and affordable way to get food on campus. The meal plan program is flexible, allowing students to choose one of three different options based on their needs.

Umass Dartmouth Meal Plans

How many meals do I get?

The amount of meals you receive will depend on the meal plan you choose, but generally, a typical student is eligible to receive up to three meals per day and 90 meals per semester. This means that if you’re in a double occupancy room and have an 18-meal plan, you can eat out at the dining halls an average of six times per week (90-18). If your plans change and suddenly your roommate decides they want to live off campus after all, don’t worry—you’ll still have plenty of opportunities for dining hall dinners!

Meal plans include access to all meal stations (except for premium locations) throughout the academic year. Prices vary based on what type of meal station is chosen: breakfast only ($4), lunch only ($6), dinner only ($7), or all three options ($10). Once purchased through our secure portal called myUMassDiningOnline we will send students their new ID Card in about two weeks via mail.

Where and when can I use my meal plan?

You can use your meal plan at all dining locations on campus and retail locations on campus. You may also use your meal plan at off-campus retail locations that accept Dining Dollars. These include:

  • CVS Pharmacy in Dartmouth Mall, Hanover
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Dartmouth Mall, Hanover
  • Nordstrom Rack (formerly Filene’s Basement) in Dartmouth Mall, Hanover

What are Flex dollars?

Flex dollars are a type of meal plan that allows students to use their meal plan at any of the retail locations on campus. In addition, flex dollars can be used to purchase food at all retail locations on campus and at the residential dining halls.

How and where can I use my Flex dollars?

Flex dollars are accepted at the retail locations on campus and in the dining halls.

You can use your flex dollars at any time, but they’re not accepted at the dining halls during meal times. The only exception is that you can use your flex dollars for breakfast or brunch for one hour either side of breakfast and lunch services during the week.

What if I run out of Flex dollars?

If you run out of Flex dollars, you can use a credit card to pay for additional meals. You can purchase additional Flex dollars in the Campus Center Food Court or online at Alternately, consider purchasing a meal plan with more Flex dollars or an unlimited meal plan.

If you have questions about how much money is left on your account, simply check with our friendly customer service staff! In addition to helping manage your account and provide information about dining locations and hours of operation, they’re also here to answer any questions regarding UMass Dartmouth meal plans—including “What happens if I run out of Flex dollars?”

Can I earn points for dining at retail locations with my meal plan?

Yes, you can earn points by purchasing items at retail locations; however, these points are only earned at the following locations:

  • The University Store (UMD Bookstore)
  • The Cougar Cup Convenience Store (Cougar Cup)
  • The Coffee Shop

How do I choose a meal plan?

There are many options for students to have access to food using the dining plans. All students are eligible for a meal plan and can choose from a variety of plans, including regular plans and flex dollars (a type of meal plan where you can add up to $200 in cash value per semester). Some students may also choose to add an additional meal plan on top of their standard or flex dollars.

There are many options for students to have access to food using the dining plans

UMass Dartmouth offers a wide selection of dining plans to meet the needs of every student. The amount you choose depends on your lifestyle and how often you eat in the dining hall.

The 19 Meal Plan includes 19 meals per week, which can be used at any time during the academic year.

  • This plan is great if you live on campus and plan on eating in the dining hall regularly each week. You can save money by not having to purchase food items from other places on campus or off-campus, such as convenience stores or supermarkets near campus.

The 27 Meal Plan includes 27 meals per week, which can be used anytime during fall semester and spring semester breaks up until December 15th (fall) or April 15th (spring).


Students should keep in mind that there are limited meal plans available, so it’s important to get one as soon as possible. If you’re still undecided about which plan is right for you, check out what other students have said about their experiences with UMass Dartmouth dining services!

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