university acceptance rate high

university acceptance rate high

University of Waterloo at 36.6%

University of Waterloo, or UW, is a public research university in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1957, UW has become one of the largest universities in Canada. With over 36 percent of applicants accepted each year and an impressive number of graduates going on to study at top-ranked institutions like Harvard and Oxford, it’s no wonder UW is so highly regarded among post-secondary institutions.

In 1962 the University opened its campus to help meet the needs of post-war baby boomers. At that time they began offering courses in science and engineering. The school was still new when it got a major boost from Prime Minister John Diefenbaker who announced plans for the establishment of a nuclear research facility at UW which led to the construction of a research reactor known as NRU (National Research Universal reactor). This helped propel them into even more success during the 70s with their first Bachelor degree programs being offered and more. With continued success over time came more funding which brought many positive changes including an increased capacity for students as well as better facilities for both students and faculty members

University of Alberta at 44.8%

The University of Alberta is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada, with an acceptance rate of 44.8% (MacEwan College’s acceptance rate is 54.2%). The University of Alberta is located in Edmonton, one of the largest cities in Canada with a population of over 1.3 million people and the hub of a region boasting over 2.5 million inhabitants.

What do you get from attending the University of Alberta?

  • Four-year liberal arts degrees * Award-winning faculty * World-class research facilities * Strong connections to job market after graduation*

Simon Fraser University at 52.1%

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a public research university located in British Columbia, Canada. The 1,000 acre campus sits 11 miles from downtown Vancouver and houses over 35,000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs. With its main campus located on Burnaby Mountain, SFU is one of the highest-ranked universities in Canada, placing first for computer science and third globally. With a combination of academics and student life that are designed around engagement within the city, it’s no wonder that Simon Fraser has been ranked the most international university in Canada for three consecutive years by Times Higher Education.

University of Toronto at 60.5%

Canada’s most prestigious university, the University of Toronto has been ranked as the best in Canada and #19th in the world by Times Higher Education (2018). With over 60,000 students and a variety undergraduate degrees, the school is one of the largest in Canada and has consistently ranked among the top research institutions in North America.

Labeled as “the most ambitious Canadian project to date” by The New York Times upon its opening, it may be no surprise that this institution is also home to some of today’s biggest names. Some famous former students include famed astronaut Chris Hadfield (ex-commander on board the International Space Station), Gold medalist rower Adam Kreek (he won gold at both Summer Olympics he competed in), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, chart-topping pop star Carly Rae Jepsen, and renowned chef Vikram Vij.

Labeled with its iconic red brick material across campus buildings and even some dorms, these structures are just a few examples of how tradition is incorporated into U of T’s modern atmosphere. Students are encouraged to explore their surroundings through an extensive network of footpaths, dedicated bike paths/lanes, bus routes, and subway stops. There are even tours for those interested!

Concordia University at 62.9%

For generations, Concordia University has been a beacon of higher education to students in Montreal and throughout Quebec. Although founded by the Jesuits in 1848 as a school for boys (hence its name), it broke with tradition and became coeducational in 1896. In keeping with the spirit of adventure and innovation that pervades all of Quebec, Concordia was one of the first universities in Canada to introduce programs that integrated study with workplace experience—a practice now commonplace at many institutions.

The university is situated on 37 acres in Montreal’s downtown core. While this doesn’t sound like much space compared with sprawling campuses found at many American universities, Montreal itself is a very walkable city, so it puts students within easy reach of dozens of smaller colleges and high schools, as well as numerous attractions such as the Quartier Latin neighborhood, the Atwater Market flea market, and St. Joseph’s Oratory basilica. For those who want to shake things up beyond campus life but don’t feel like venturing too far from home, there are plenty of options: skiing at Mont Tremblant or eating your weight in smoked meat at Schwartz’s Deli are popular weekend getaways just an hour away from campus by car.

Montréal (McGill) at 65.5%

Montréal (McGill) is known for its world-class research. The university’s students have a 99% employment rate after graduation, and the university has been ranked as one of the best in the world by U.S.-based Times Higher Education for nine years running.* * Overall, McGill currently has nearly 40,000 students and over 2,500 faculty members that grant over 6,000 degrees annually to approximately 100,000 graduates each year.

We’re very proud to be able to provide a high quality education at an affordable price in a conveniently located city that also provides all of the services people need every day.

York University at 69.7%

York University has a 69.7% acceptance rate alongside a student population of 52,300 students, with a student to faculty ratio of 22:1. York’s main campus is located in Toronto, Canada, and the school offers over 200 programs of study in seven faculties:

York University has an 85% graduate employment rate after 6 months and an average starting salary of $56,000.

York accepts 71.5% of applicants with only 5% choosing to not attend due to financial constraints or because the program was not what they were looking for after accepting the offer.

Wilfrid Laurier University at 71.5%

Wilfrid Laurier University is a public Canadian post-secondary institution with campuses located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The university was established in 1911 and remains dedicated to the pursuit of truth, the creation of knowledge and its application for the benefit of all. Today, Wilfrid Laurier has become one of the most respected universities throughout both Canada and the world.

The university’s campus master plan is based on a grid system that highlights its heritage buildings. The campus boasts beautiful gardens throughout which are often used for ceremonial purposes as well as a wide range of other cultural events. Currently Wilfrid Laurier University has a total student population 20,000 and an acceptance rate that sits at 71.5%.

Wilfrid Laurier University offers a variety of programs such as Business Administration & Economics, Business Administration (Co-op), Civil Engineering Technology/Technician – Civil Engineering, Communication Studies/Studies en communication, Criminology & Sociology, Dental Hygiene – General Dental Hygiene (DH), Early Childhood Education & Teaching – Bilingual Program Early Childhood Education & Teaching – Strong Start Program (Bilingual), General Arts & Science – BA General Arts & Science – Diploma in Arts General Arts & Science – BSc General Arts & Science – Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP)General Arts and Sciences – International Development Studies Programs offered at this university include: Bachelor Degree Completion (BA) Bachelor Degree Completion (BA) Biotechnology Bachelor Degree Completion Honours Bachelor Degree Completion Honours Biotechnology Bachelor Degree Completion Honours Mathematics Business Administration And Economics Business Administration Co-op Civil Engineering Technology/Technician – Civil Engineering Communication Studies / Studies en communication Criminology And Sociology Dental Hygiene /Hygiène dentaire Danse – Bacharelado Discpline d’études des arts Dramatic Arts Humanities English Language Foundation Programme Fine Art Humanities Law Mathematics Midwifery Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing RN to BSN

Dalhousie University at 71.6 %

The class of 2021 had a 71.6% acceptance rate, one of the highest among Canadian universities. Their average tuition fee was $5,600 per year, and they had over 5,000 applicants total as of 2017. The student body consists of 21% international students from all over the world. To apply to Dalhousie you need to have an 81% on your high school diploma (or equivalent) and can apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre or directly through their website. They have a variety of funding options for students that include awards for indigenous students and those who excel in sports or academics or leadership roles.

Carleton University at 77.9%

Carleton University, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is a private school that offers undergraduate degrees in arts and science as well as graduate and continuing education programs. The business school has an acceptance rate of 77.9%.

This list is about universities that have high acceptance rates

  • University of Chicago has an acceptance rate of 5.2%.

What else makes this college unique? The university is widely regarded as one of the most selective universities in the world, both in its undergraduate program, and also in its graduate programs. It’s also known for being a leader in interdisciplinary research. Chicago is considered to be a private Ivy League school, with top-notch educational standards and significant resources dedicated to research and academics.

  • Stanford University has an acceptance rate of 4.7%.

What else makes this college unique? If you’re shopping for prestige, you’ve found it at Stanford University. This prestigious institution is known for having high standards that all students must meet before attending classes. Many people consider it to be one of the best colleges in California and the United States for undergraduates who want to pursue careers that require a strong background in science or math fields, such as computer science or other engineering-based careers. Students here are encouraged to maintain high academic standards and often take multiple AP courses while they’re still enrolled in high school, giving them even more time to focus on their academics once they reach Stanford’s campus rather than struggling to keep up with course material at first when they have not been accustomed to higher educational expectations throughout high school like most of their peers have been facing during those years.

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has an acceptance rate of 16%. What else makes this college unique? UNC Chapel Hill is well known for being particularly competitive because it receives many applicants each year from across the world who want nothing more than admission into this prestigious university system. Most students here take part in student organizations such as sports teams or networking groups on campus or off campus that help them build connections with future colleagues after graduation and eventually lead them into successful careers after college is over (if they put enough time into maintaining those connections). UNC Chapel Hill was established long ago by members of the Southern elite class who wanted their children (the ones who went on

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