University Of Antelope Valley Division

University Of Antelope Valley Division

The following is a list of buildings and facilities on the University of Antelope Valley campus in Lancaster, California.

University of Antelope Valley Division

You can visit the University of Antelope Valley Division page to learn more about this campus.

The University of Antelope Valley Division offers its students a variety of ways to keep them busy during their stay in the area, including athletics, clubs and organizations and student services. Students who are looking for an institution that offers on campus housing will be happy to hear that the university has dormitories for its residents.

In addition, the University Of Audubon Dorms Herd is also located here on our list at number ten.

University Of Antelope Valley Division 2

University of Antelope Valley Division 2 is a public institution within the University of Antelope Valley. The university offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as certificates in various fields including criminal justice, paralegal studies and business administration.

University of Audubon Dorms

The University of Audubon Dorms are located at the center of campus, right next to the Student Center. There are currently 87 students living in these dorms, which can accommodate up to 200 people. The cost of living in these dorms is $480 per month.

There are three types of rooms: single occupancy, double occupancy and shared quad-style rooms (two doubles sharing a bathroom). Each room has a sink and mirror, as well as desks; some have closets and others don’t. Each floor has laundry machines available 24/7 for use by all residents; there is also no shortage of vending machines offering snacks and drinks throughout the day!

University Of Audubon Dorms Herd

University Of Audubon Dorms Herd

  • This is a dormitory that houses students who are part of the University Of Audubon Dorms Herd 2. These students have all been handpicked by the admissions office and are expected to do well in their classes, as they are examples of what it means to be an exemplary student.
  • The residents of this dormitory are typically given special treatment by faculty, who look upon them as role models for other students in the university’s diversity initiative program. They also receive many discounts at local businesses such as coffee shops and bars, as well as occasionally being invited to exclusive parties hosted by wealthy alumni donors who want a chance to meet these shining stars of academia face-to-face.*

University of Beaver Veterans Affairs Office

The University of Beaver Veterans Affairs Office provides Veteran Services to ensure all students have the opportunity to pursue their educational dreams. The office also assists with claims, tuition and fee waivers and other benefits such as housing allowances and travel allowances.

Veterans can contact us by phone at (661) 942-2288 or by emailing in order to schedule an appointment. We offer services Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., excluding holidays and breaks that fall within the semester calendar year (i.e., summer break).

University Of Beaver Veterans Affairs Office College

  • The University Of Beaver Veterans Affairs Office is located in the Student Services Building, Room 104.
  • The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • The staff includes a Veteran’s Service Officer and Eligibility Specialist who will assist you with any questions you might have regarding veterans education benefits or services offered at UA Valley. They can also help connect you with other agencies on campus that may be able to assist in your search for housing, employment and other resources available on campus.
  • For more information about this office or VA educational programs, please call (661) 942-5527 or email [email protected]

University of Big Horn Gymnasium

The University of Big Horn Gymnasium is the gymnasium located in the University of Big Horn. It is a building which provides you with all your needs for exercising, sports, and playing basketball. The gymnasium has a swimming pool, weight room, indoor running track and many other things that are useful to get rid of stress after a hard day’s work.

University Of Big Horn Gymnasium Athletic Center

The University of Big Horn Gymnasium Athletic Center is used as a venue for basketball, volleyball, intramural sports and physical education classes.

List of UAV Buildings

There are three UAV buildings on campus. The largest of these is the W.R. Castle Building, which houses offices for several departments including the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Dean of Admissions and Records as well as student services such as tutoring and counseling centers. Other major tenants include Student Government Association (SGA), Student Media Center, Veterans Resource Center, Student Health Services and Food Services Department.

The second largest building on campus is the Rita Hall Science Lab Building. It’s home to many chemistry labs used by students enrolled in various science programs at UAV University. The third largest building belongs to Social Sciences & Humanities department which boasts its own learning center with classrooms equipped with computers offering multimedia presentations from course materials or other sources relevant to class discussions or projects being worked on by students taking classes offered by this department within this building itself – including English literature & composition classes taught through distance learning methods only; foreign languages like French taught through a mixture between face-to-face lectures plus video conferencing sessions where instructors answer questions posed by students who aren’t able attend those sessions due their geographic location requirements (eBay sellers needn’t worry about having access).

The University of Antelope Valley Division is a great place for all kinds of students. The UAV Dorms are some of the best dorms in the country, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy on campus.

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