University Of Australia Melbourne

University Of Australia Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is a public research university in Australia. Founded in 1853, it is the second oldest university in Victoria and the first university to be established in Melbourne. The university has two campuses: its main campus at Parkville, an inner suburb north of the Melbourne city centre; and its satellite campus at Werribee south-west of Melbourne’s central business district.

University Of Australia Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is a public research university located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Founded in 1853 and made up of six colleges, it is the oldest in Australia and the second oldest university as well as being one of the most prestigious universities internationally. The University has an enrolment of over 60,000 students across its 11 faculties and offers more than 350 undergraduate courses in areas such as arts and design, business studies, education sciences and engineering.

The University also has a strong research focus with over 700 research centres working on issues ranging from health to information technology or physics to sustainability. The university is ranked first globally by Times Higher Education (THE) in its 2019 World Reputation Rankings for Australia’s top 100 universities

Find out how the University of Melbourne responded to the COVID-19 pandemic

On May 22, 2019, the University of Melbourne released its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The university stated that it would be closing for one week to allow its staff and students time to recover from any possible exposure.

Additionally, the university announced that it would cease all teaching activity during this period so as not to expose other students or staff who might have been spared infection by remaining isolated at home.

Learn more about Melbourne’s coronavirus (COVID-19) response and recovery.

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  • The University of Melbourne response to the pandemic
  • The University of Melbourne recovery from the pandemic

As an academic institution, we are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students, staff and visitors. In addition to reinforcing existing health and safety procedures in our buildings and on campus sites across Melbourne, we have implemented further measures around virus transmission prevention (e.g., hand hygiene) as well as increased monitoring of individual symptoms among staff members who may be affected by this virus. You can find more information about these measures here:

We are making sure our community is safe.

The university is working with the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Education, the Department of Planning and Community Development, the Department of Justice and Regulation, and Finance to ensure that our community is safe.

  • Staff are undergoing training about domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • We have a campus wide policy prohibiting domestic violence in our own workplaces (including staff-student relationships).
  • We have policies prohibiting bullying in all cases.

We are getting our students back on track.

We are getting our students back on track.

This is the message from the University of Melbourne, which has been working hard to help students and staff overcome the effects of the pandemic.

The university has stated that “we are aware of how this virus has affected our community” and that it is providing support for its students, staff and their families.

We’re continuing to deliver world-class research and education.

Melbourne is a city with a vibrant social culture and an excellent standard of living. The University of Melbourne is located in the heart of this vibrant city, close to all major transport networks, shopping areas and sporting facilities.

The university has been working with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and the Victorian Infectious Diseases Service to ensure that it remains a safe place for students, staff and visitors during this time. Students are encouraged to contact their academic units for advice on rescheduling coursework affected by these measures.

Learn more about the University of Melbourne’s response to COVID-19.

The University of Melbourne is committed to ensuring the safety of our students, staff and visitors. The University has been preparing for a possible pandemic for some time. We have thoroughly reviewed our emergency response plans and procedures, updated them where necessary and tested them with first responders at the campus level.

We are confident that the University’s response would be effective in managing severe emergencies including pandemics such as COVID-19.

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