University Of Central Florida Employment

University Of Central Florida Employment

University of Central Florida (UCF) students, faculty and staff have access to a variety of employment opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a summer job or an internship, there are many ways to make money at UCF.

Academic Employment

The University of Central Florida is one of the largest employers in the area, with an annual payroll exceeding $1 billion. It has been committed to providing employees with the resources they need to succeed since its inception in 1963 and is constantly expanding its facilities and services to meet students’ needs.

The school’s Academic Employment Office (AEO) recruits, hires and trains new faculty members; administers all aspects of student employment on campus; provides support services for faculty who are not full-time teachers but wish to teach part-time or graduate students; manages a variety of support services such as health insurance coverage for retirees who have retired from UCF or other employers as well as access keys so retirees may enter their office building without needing an escort from security personnel.*

Staff Employment

If you’re looking for a rewarding career with an organization that values you as a person, consider applying for one of the staff positions available at UCF.

Unlike some organizations, UCF offers competitive salaries and benefits packages to all employees in order to ensure that we have the best possible talent on our team.

Our employment process is designed to be as efficient and effective as possible so that we can provide opportunities for qualified candidates who are excited about working at UCF!

Student Employment

Student employment is a great way to gain valuable skills and experience while earning some extra money.

  • Gain Valuable Skills: Working as a student employee can help you build the practical knowledge that employers look for in candidates. For example, if you want to work in retail or food service, working at UCF’s campus bookstore or UCF Dining Services will give you valuable experience working with people who have varying interests and needs.
  • Get Your Foot In The Door: If your ultimate goal is to get engaged with one of our departments after graduation, then it’s crucial that you gain relevant experience by working at our university while still an undergraduate student so that we know who they are when they come apply for available jobs.* Earn Extra Money: Working as a student employee can help make ends meet during your college years when funds are tight – especially if working part-time hours during the school year (when most students aren’t taking classes).

Graduate Assistantship Programs

In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, graduate assistantships are paid positions that provide tuition remission and stipends. You may be eligible for a graduate assistantship if you:

  • Are not currently enrolled in classes at UCF (including non-degree-seeking students).
  • Have been accepted into your program of study.
  • Are able to complete your degree within the standard timeframe for completion from that particular program. For example, an undergraduate student in the College of Engineering is required to complete their degree within four years; this requirement applies whether or not they have a financial aid package or scholarship package. This means that an undergraduate student who has already entered their fourth year must leave campus and begin work on their project outside of campus until they have completed all requirements needed for their degree plan before returning back home again after completing their EDU100 class requirement by submitting it online through Blackboard before taking any other classes or earning credit hours with no more than one course per semester maximum based on availability while still maintaining full time status with no exceptions allowed due to having too many courses scheduled at once during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm ET/7am – 4pm CT/8am – 3pm MT/9am – 2pm PT without any exceptions granted under any circumstances whatsoever including holidays excepting those which fall during Spring Break week between Christmas Eve Day 2017 January 1st 2018 New Years Eve Day 2018 depending upon whether Sunday precedes Saturday (i) , Labor Day Weekend (ii) , Thanksgiving Day Weekend (iii) , Winter Holiday Weekend 2017 December 22nd – December 26th 2017 January 12th – January 15th 2018 February 16th – February 18th 2018 March 29th – April 1st May 25th – May 28th June 1st July 4th***END OF SECTION

Temporary Employment

Temporary employment is a great way to gain experience. Temporary employment can lead to permanent employment, and it allows you to get your foot in the door with an employer that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. There are many different types of temporary jobs, including:

  • Temp-to-perm positions: Temporary work that leads directly into permanent work for the same company
  • Contracted labor: A job where a company hires workers on a project basis from another organization or individual

UCF is committed to providing employees with the resources they need to succeed.

UCF is committed to providing employees with the resources they need to succeed. By doing so, UCF has created a culture that fosters innovation and creativity in every workplace. Employees are highly motivated and dedicated, which makes UCF an excellent place to work.

In addition to creating an atmosphere of growth and opportunity for its workers, UCF also provides several resources that can help you achieve your personal goals at work. The following are just some of the tools available:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – This program offers help for a wide range of issues including depression, grief or marital problems; substance abuse issues; financial problems such as debt management; parenting concerns; stress management techniques; childcare needs such as finding a nanny or daycare center near campus grounds; legal advice on topics like child custody cases or divorce proceedings; medical treatment plans from mental health professionals who specialize in counseling services related specifically towards individuals who have experienced traumatic events within their lives before working at UCF (such as rape survivors).

UCF is committed to providing employees with the resources they need to succeed. We offer a wide range of opportunities for both students and staff members to work on campus, giving them access to valuable experience while earning income or credit toward their degree. Whether you’re looking for academic employment or temporary work, UCF has many options available!

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