University Of Indiana In Bloomington

The University of Indiana in Bloomington is one of the top research universities in the United States. It has a rich history and is home to many prestigious programs, such as law, business, and nursing. The university also has a number of extracurricular activities available for students to get involved in, such as sports and music.

University of Indiana Bloomington Facts

The University of Indiana Bloomington is one of the largest universities in the United States. The school was founded in 1820 and offers more than 300 degree programs to its students. Bloomington also has a large campus, with over 420 acres. The university has over 36,000 students and employs more than 7,000 faculty members.

Admissions Requirements

Indiana University Bloomington is one of America’s top public universities. In order to be admitted to IU Bloomington, you will need to meet the following requirements:
-High school diploma or equivalent
-GPA of 3.0 or above
-Completion of at least 12 units in high school
-Two SAT or ACT tests (minimum scores of 1500 on each)
-Application fee (nonrefundable)
-Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
-Letter of recommendation

Costs At The University Of Indiana Bloomington

If you are thinking about attending the University of Indiana Bloomington, here are some costs to keep in mind. In-state tuition for the fall 2017 semester is $8,214. This includes both room and board. Out-of-state tuition is $22,070 per year, which includes housing and meal plans but does not include other expenses such as textbooks.
There are a few ways to reduce your cost of attendance. For example, you can participate in the IU Promise program, which offers a variety of financial aid opportunities. You can also explore scholarships and grants available through foundations or private organizations. Finally, be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to enrolling at IU Bloomington. You may be eligible for some forms of financial assistance that are not available through the IU Promise program or through scholarships and grants.
For more information on costs at IU Bloomington, please visit the university’s website or contact Admissions and Financial Aid Services (AFAS).

Campus Life at The University of Indiana Bloomington

The University of Indiana in Bloomington has a wide variety of campus life options for students. There are plenty of clubs and organizations to join, and the school offers a wide range of coursework and majors. The university also has an active student government, which provides students with opportunities to make their voice heard on campus issues.

The IU Bloomington campus is spread out over more than 500 acres, making it easy to find a place to study or relax. The university’s recreational facilities include an Olympic-sized pool, 24 tennis courts, three basketball courts, four soccer fields and a recreation complex that boasts an ice rink, indoor climbing wall and two fitness centers.

IU Bloomington is also home to two museums – the Lilly and Hugh Hefner Archives and the James Whitcomb Riley Museum of Music – as well as a variety of entertainment venues including a symphony hall, an opera house and numerous theaters. It’s not hard to find something to do on the Bloomington campus!

Degrees Offered at The University of Indiana Bloomington

The University of Indiana Bloomington offers degrees in a variety of fields. These degrees include undergraduate and graduate programs in arts, sciences, business, education, health sciences, and law.

Undergraduate students can choose from more than 60 majors across six colleges at IU Bloomington. These majors include art and design, business and management, communication and media studies, education, English and American literature, nursing, pharmacy, and public health.

Graduate students have even more options when it comes to choosing their degree program. There are over 30 graduate programs at IU Bloomington to choose from. These programs include arts and letters (architecture, creative writing), business administration, computer science and engineering, education (elementary through university level), environmental health science, family studies, law (JD/MD/MBA), library science (MLS), math and statistics (MS), music (MM), nursing (RN), pharmacy (PhD), physical therapy (PT), public health (DNP), social work (MSW).

If you are interested in studying at the University of Indiana Bloomington or any other university in the United States or Canada please visit our website for more information.

Rankings Of The University of Indiana Bloomington

Indiana University Bloomington is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the nation. Now, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance has ranked IU Bloomington as the no. 1 public university in America!

The rankings are based on eight factors, including graduation rates, faculty quality, affordability, and student selectivity. IU Bloomington benefits from a prestigious academic reputation and a top-tier athletic program.

IU Bloomington is known for its world-class faculty who have won awards for their research accomplishments. The school also offers many opportunities to study abroad and engage in community service.

The campus is situated in central Indiana and is easily accessible by car or public transportation. IU Bloomington offers a variety of programs and courses that appeal to a wide range of students.

If you’re looking for a University that offers great academics and a diverse campus, look no further than the University of Indiana in Bloomington. With over 100 years of experience, IU Bloomington has built a reputation as one of the best universities in the nation. In addition to its excellent academic program, IU Bloomington also offers plenty of opportunities for students to get involved on campus. From sports and clubs to student-run businesses and volunteer organizations, there’s something for everyone at IU Bloomington. So if you’re interested in studying in one of America’s top universities, be sure to check out the University of Indiana in Bloomington!

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