University Of Ohio Graduate Programs

University Of Ohio Graduate Programs

Ohio University has a long reputation for offering quality education. Its programs are well-known for their hands-on learning and incredible professors. It’s no wonder that the university attracts some of the best students from all over the country. It’s also not surprising that Ohio University offers many graduate programs through its Athens campus, including master’s degrees in English, computer science and engineering, business administration, history, sociology and more! Here are some details about these programs:

Master of Applied Statistics

The Master of Applied Statistics will allow you to develop a strong foundation in statistical theory and methodologies, providing an excellent preparation for careers in fields such as data science, applied research and business analytics. You’ll also gain practical experience using industry-standard software tools including STATA®, R or SAS® as you work on real-world datasets.

Your coursework covers a wide range of subjects including applied regression; descriptive and inferential statistics; time series analysis; hypothesis tests; multivariate analysis; nonparametric methods; Bayesian inference; spatial statistics and kernel methods (including Gaussian processes). You’ll also complete a final capstone project that challenges you to select an area of application for your program experiences and apply them using advanced statistical methodology.

The program includes six electives – four at the graduate level and two at the undergraduate level – which can be used toward completion of either degree requirement or certification requirements for entry into professional studies programs in psychology (master’s level), public health (master’s level) or education (master’s level). In addition, one online course may substitute two face-to-face courses if approved by faculty members from both schools with whom students are taking classes.

Master of Arts in Economics

The Master of Arts in Economics program is a full-time, two-year program with a total of 32 semester credits. The cost per credit is $580 and the total cost for the entire program is $18,360.

There are no specific admission criteria for this program; however, applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with at least a 3.0 GPA on their last 60 hours of coursework (or equivalent). Applicants to the MAE must also have scored between 550 and 800 on the old Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test or 450-790 on the new GRE general test with at least 50th percentile in each topic area (verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing). Applicants who do not meet these requirements may be required to submit additional graduate school transcripts as well as other supporting documents such as letters of recommendation from professors or employers along with an online application form during their application process at!/apply/.

Master of Arts in History

The Master of Arts in History program provides a challenging and engaging curriculum designed to prepare students for advanced study or a career in the field. Students may choose from a variety of concentrations, allowing them to specialize in one of the following areas: American History, European History, Science and Technology, Middle East History or Russian and Soviet Studies.

Students are required to take at least three courses outside their chosen concentration area. These courses will provide breadth within their own specialization as well as outside it—additional electives that allow students to gain more depth on specific topics within their field of interest.

Master of Arts in Sociology

The Master of Arts in Sociology is designed for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the problems that concern sociologists. The program is designed to deepen your knowledge and give you opportunities to apply that knowledge in original research projects, while at the same time providing training in social research methods.

Students can expect to study topics such as gender, race/ethnicity and inequality; class; deviance and social control; poverty; demography; family life cycles; work organizations; stratification systems including education systems (including higher education); neighborhoods and communities; religion (the sociology of religion); political sociology (the study of power relations within the context of politics); health care delivery systems

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA is a graduate-level degree that is awarded after completion of a program of study. While some schools offer the degree as an undergraduate program, it is more common for students to pursue the MBA after earning their Bachelor’s.

MBA programs are offered by business schools and other institutions in many countries throughout the world. As of 2010, there were 1,084 accredited MBA programs worldwide.[1]

Master of Civil Engineering

  • Why you should consider the Master of Civil Engineering program from The University of Ohio
  • What you will learn in this program
  • How long it takes to complete the program, and what your schedule will look like as a student.
  • How much it costs to attend The University of Ohio and how much financial aid is available for students attending this school.
  • What you can do with a master’s degree in civil engineering from The University of Ohio (MCE).

Master of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Master of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (M.S.)

Program length: 2 years

Degree: Master of Science This program is designed to provide students with a broad-based education in the field of chemical engineering and a more focused study in a particular area of specialization. The M.S. degree program offers students flexibility to pursue one or more areas of specialization including advanced materials, biotechnology, process systems modeling & optimization, or nanotechnology materials science. Students can choose from five concentrations: advanced nanoscience (nanotechnology), biochemical engineering, catalysis and reaction engineering, chemical reaction engineering and transport phenomena or process systems modeling & optimization.

Master of Computer Science and Engineering

The M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering is a two-year program designed to prepare you for employment or advanced study in the field of computer science and engineering. The program provides an excellent foundation for careers in software development, database management, network administration, systems analysis and design, artificial intelligence research and applications development. The curriculum is designed to be flexible enough so that students can tailor their studies according to their professional goals and interests.

Program Highlights:

  • Research opportunities through our department’s many research centers
  • Teaching assistantships available upon request
  • Job placement assistance offered through our career center

Master of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The Master of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is a professional degree, not a research degree. It is a terminal master’s degree, not a terminal master’s degree. It is a Master of Science, not an Arts.

Master of English Language and Literature

The Master of Arts in English (M.A.) is the most popular graduate program at Ohio University. The M.A. can be pursued with a concentration in Professional Writing, Rhetoric and Composition, or Literature.

The curriculum provides students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of literary texts through close readings and critical analysis; to build their skills as writers by working on diverse genres; to learn about rhetorical traditions and theories that inform writing practices in varied contexts; and to engage in sustained research projects that challenge them intellectually and professionally as they prepare for doctoral studies or employment.

Other Masters Programs at Ohio University Athens Campus

The University of Ohio’s Athens campus also offers the following graduate programs:

  • Master of Education in Counseling
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership
  • Master of Education in Educational Technology
  • Master of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language. This program is designed to prepare students to teach English language learners (ELL) at the secondary level, using best practices and strategies grounded in research and theory.
  • Master of Education in Teaching Mathematics. The program includes courses that help develop strong mathematical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and an understanding of how mathematics relates to other disciplines.
  • Master of Education in Teaching Reading – This program will provide you with comprehensive teaching knowledge and skills needed to become a highly effective educator who inspires children to read proficiently, write clearly, think critically about text materials from multiple perspectives, think creatively about problems or situations related to reading or literacy development; apply appropriate strategies for solving problems within academic content areas; collaborate effectively with peers; communicate professionally through written documents such as lesson plans/lesson studies/field notes/assessments which reflect professional judgment based on standards and curricular needs across grade levels & content areas; work collaboratively with colleagues across grade levels & content areas outside the classroom setting (e.g., professional meetings); serve as positive role models for all learners including ELLs (English Learners), etc..

Ohio University offers many graduate programs in various fields.

Ohio University offers many graduate programs in various fields. Below, you can find a list of Masters programs offered at Ohio University Athens Campus, Ohio University Newark Campus, Ohio University Chillicothe Campus and the Zanesville Center.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for graduate study. If you’re looking for a program that will help you advance your career, Ohio University might be just the place for you. They have many programs available at both their Athens campus and online locations across the country. The next step is deciding which one is right for your needs!

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