University Of Utah Learning Abroad

University Of Utah Learning Abroad

Founded in 1850, the University of Utah has grown to be one of the top public research universities in the nation. The school’s reputation is built on its commitment to delivering programs that are both innovative and practical. Students can choose from more than 200 undergraduate majors and minors as well as 100 graduate degree programs at every level. The university has also earned reputations for excellence in athletics, science and technology, education, fine arts, humanities and social sciences.

University Of Utah Learning Abroad

University Of Utah Learning Abroad

At the University of Utah, we believe that a global perspective and international experience are essential to preparing our students for their careers. Therefore, we have created a variety of opportunities for our students to learn abroad in order to gain skills and knowledge that will be valuable in the future. Through these programs, you will have the opportunity to study abroad at one of more than 30 countries around the world while earning credit towards your degree at the University Of Utah. We can also offer you housing options in many places so that you can live with other students from around the world during your time abroad.

We offer three main types of education abroad programs: Global Internships, Education Abroad Programs (EAP) and International Student & Scholar Services (ISS).

University of Utah International Center

The University of Utah International Center is the hub for all things international at the university. Their goal is to provide resources and services that support international students, scholars and faculty members with their needs.

The International Center offers a wide range of services including advising, visa processing, housing assistance, cultural events programming and more. They also have information about studying abroad opportunities offered by the University as well as other schools around the world.

If you are an international student or scholar who would like to learn more about what options you may have in this area contact them today!

Education Abroad Programs

Education Abroad programs are available in over 70 countries and over 100 disciplines, with the most popular destinations being Australia, China, Costa Rica, France and Italy. Programs are also offered in more than 100 languages.

Summer programs are typically structured to allow students to complete course requirements while abroad during the summer term at their home institution. In addition to these structured programs, UVA faculty members often teach summer courses on site in another country as well; some of these courses may be open to qualified non-UVA students who have been accepted into a university abroad through one of our partner institutions.

The University of Utah offers Education Abroad opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students at all levels through World Campus International Programs (WCIP) which operates as part of the JAE Program within the Office of International Studies & Programs (OISP). WCIP supports faculty-led programs throughout the world by providing logistical support including housing assistance when necessary; coordinating student activities with host universities; pairing students with faculty mentors; providing small group advising sessions before departure; organizing orientation sessions upon arrival overseas; monitoring academic progress during study abroad periods via electronic means such as Blackboard Collaborate or Moodle Online Courses Management System (COMS).

Global Internships

The University of Utah offers Global Internships, a program that allows students to partake in an internship abroad during their time at the university. Currently, Global Internships has opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate-level students. If you’re interested in applying for an international internship as part of your degree, here are some things you need to know:

  • What Is A Global Internship?

Global Internships offer students the opportunity to complete an international internship during their time at the university. Students must apply for participation through the program manager before beginning their service learning experience abroad. Students who have already chosen a location where they want to do their internship will simply have to find out whether or not it is accepted by UT’s Global Internships Program Coordinator and begin planning accordingly!

International Student & Scholar Services

International Student & Scholar Services is a resource for all international students and scholars at the University of Utah. They provide support to students in their transition to the United States, including academic advising, orientation programming and financial aid services.

Students can also connect with their peers through cultural events such as International Education Week or one of the many clubs organized by ISSS: the International Student Council, the Global Connections Program or other clubs listed on their website.

The University of Utah offers a variety of study abroad options.

The University of Utah offers a variety of study abroad options, including the following:

  • The Global Education Office (GEO) offers semester and year-long academic programs all over the world. The academic calendars, found on their website, indicate which programs are available each year.
  • Student-led trips are organized by students looking to travel with others who share their interests. You can participate in everything from treks through Europe to safaris in Africa to backpacking through Southeast Asia with these groups.
  • The Institute for International Education (IIE) offers summer seminars in various countries around the world for high school students interested in learning about international issues firsthand.

The University of Utah is a great place to study abroad, with many opportunities for international students. The International Center offers many options for students who want to participate in an educational exchange program and experience life in another country. Education Abroad Programs also provides opportunities for study abroad through over 100 partner universities across the globe. There are also international internships available throughout Europe, Asia and Australia that take place during summer break or during fall/spring semesters. These programs allow students to live independently while still being supervised by faculty members on campus who will oversee their progress while abroad.

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