University Of Victoria Tuition Fee

Students who have requested a fee deferral will be emailed a confirmation of the deferral pending verification of eligibility. Students who have been approved for a fee deferral will see their tuition and fees account automatically reduced on their student account.

University Of Victoria Tuition Fee

1 Tuition and fees by faculty

Tuition and fees by faculty

  • Arts: $5,168.00 (per semester)
  • Science: $5,178.00 (per semester)
  • Education: $5,162.00 (per semester)
  • Engineering: $5,180.00 (per semester)
  • Business: $5,170.00 (per semester) * Humanities: $4,969.00 (per semester) * Law: $6,287.44 – 6,540.44 (for 1st year; varies by program after that) * Medicine: Varies depending on program

2 Academic support fees

Academic support fees are charged to all students. These fees fund services that directly benefit students, including the Library and Information Commons (LIC), the Learning Resource Centre (LRC), learning support services, tutoring and career advising. All academic support fee revenue is deposited into a restricted account. The use of this money is restricted and monitored by a committee made up of student government representatives, faculty members and staff members from Student Services & Enrolment Services.

Academic support fees are mandatory: they must be paid by every student who registers in courses taught on-campus or online during a given term/session/year at UVic.

3 Incidental fees

  • Incidental fees – $1,680 per semester (or $3,360 per year)
  • Student incidental fees are used to fund services that are not directly related to academic programming, but are important to student life at UVic. Examples include:
  • Student Union (UVSS) activities and services: These include the Student Legal Fund Society legal clinic, Women’s Centre, Food Bank and more. The fee pays for some of these programs as well as the offices and staff who run them. The remainder is funded through other sources such as student fees collected through registration or voluntary payments; and government grants.
  • Athletics: This fee helps cover costs associated with university sport teams offered on campus.
  • Health & Counselling Services: This covers mental health services including counselling through Health & Counselling Services on campus.

4 Extended health and dental plan

The Extended Health and Dental Plan is a supplementary plan offered by the University of Victoria. The plan provides coverage for non-emergency services not covered by MSP and other private insurance plans. The application period for the Extended Health and Dental Plan is from March 1 to May 15, annually.

For more information about the Extended Health and Dental Plan, please visit [the link] or contact Studentcare at 1-866-788-2556 (toll free) or 604-731-5377 in Victoria.

To opt out of this plan, you must notify Studentcare before your annual renewal date via email at studentcare@studentcare .ca(remove space).

5 Health and dental opt-out deadline dates

The deadline for opting out of the health and dental plan for the fall semester is:

  • August 15th

The deadline for opting out of the health and dental plan for the winter semester is:

  • January 15th

6 Health and Dental Plan – Fall semester only students

Fall semester only students should be aware that they must opt out (cancel) their health and dental plan within the first two weeks of classes. If you wish to keep your coverage, you can do so by logging into MyUvic and selecting “Register for Dental” or “Register for Opted-in Health Benefits” from the Services & Plans tab.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Studentcare at 1-866-788-7526 or visit their website at

7 Other charges for service

  • Parking
  • Library fines
  • Copying and printing
  • Campus card (student ID)
  • Student health and dental plan
  • Student club membership, e.g., student society membership, e.g., student union membership
  • Student government: undergraduate, graduate and international students can vote in campus-wide elections for the Uvic Students Society Council (USSC) and all other affiliated bodies such as the Alma Mater Society, GSSC or the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS).

8 University Of Victoria Tuition Fee

To help you budget for your tuition and fees, we’ve included a table of expected costs for first-year students. The table below shows the estimated tuition and other compulsory fees for domestic students in the fall and winter terms.

  • Tuition is a flat rate (no fee per credit hour) determined by your faculty. For example, if you’re going into Commerce or Education, the tuition will be different from those who are going into Science or Arts.
  • Academic support fees are mandatory fees charged to all undergraduate students to pay for various academic programs at UVic such as textbooks, library cards and other learning resources.
  • Incidental fees: These include athletics/recreation fee (ACRF), student health services fee (SHSP) and student society building fund fee ($4). ACRF helps cover the costs related to Athletics & Recreation activities at UVic including facilities, equipment rentals and staffing costs while SHSP funds all student health services at UVic including counselling, medical care and dental care services provided by Student Health Services (SHS). SHSP also includes an opt out option which allows students to remove themselves from paying this fee if they wish not receive any of these services provided by SHSP on campus – visit If you have chosen not pay either ACRF or SHSP but later decide that you need one or both these programs please contact Student Accounts immediately because there is no way after registration closes that changes can be made without having penalties applied against future term assessments!

Finally there’s also an extended medical plan available through Sun Life Financial called “UVIC Extended Health & Dental Plan” which provides coverage beyond what OHIP provides; however since it’s optional it’s important that potential students understand how much it would cost them before making their decision whether or not choose this plan – visit https://sfnuvicstudentsunlimitedbenefitsnewsite91867208936/?fbclid


The University of Victoria offers a wonderful education for students who are looking for something more than just the basics. It has been voted as one of the top ten universities in Canada and offers many programs that will prepare you for a career in your chosen field. If you want to be part of this exciting experience then contact us today so we can start helping!

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