Uoft Business Requirements

Uoft Business Requirements

The University of Ottawa is a public university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is the second-largest French-speaking university campus in Canada after Université Laval. The main campus is located on 42.5 hectares (105 acres) in the residential neighbourhood of Sandy Hill, adjacent to Ottawa’s Rideau Canal.

Business Administration and Management (B.Com.)

Business Administration and Management is a four-year degree program, offered in the fall, winter and spring terms. The program is available at all three campuses (Scarborough, Mississauga and St. George).

Accounting and Financial Management (B.A.F.M.)

  • The Accounting and Financial Management (B.A.F.M.) program is offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Scarborough Campus in the evening and summer terms, on a year-round basis.
  • The program offers students with a general business degree or in other disciplines an opportunity to upgrade their technical accounting knowledge through extensive coursework that includes specialized courses focusing on financial reporting, international accounting standards, taxation and audit requirements for public companies. Students will also learn about leadership roles within an organization as well as how to manage budgets in various sectors of business operations such as manufacturing, distribution or service industries.
  • Courses are offered during four sessions: fall/winter/spring/summer (with some courses available online). Students may begin the program at any time throughout any year they wish while completing courses toward their major with no limitation on course sequencing except where prerequisites are required by institutions granting transfer credit from this institution

Accounting and Financial Management (B.Com.)

How to apply

To apply for this program, you need to submit the following documents:

  • A completed application form.
  • A non-refundable processing fee of Rs. 5000/-(for Indian applicants)/$15 (for foreign applicants). The fee may vary depending on your country of residence and currency exchange rate prevailing on the date of payment. The fees can be paid through international wire transfer or credit card (Visa/MasterCard only), or at our website in USD by clicking on the “Pay now” button below. If you choose to pay by bank draft, please send a copy of your bank receipt along with your admission form so that we can process it immediately upon receipt of your admission letter. Please note that there will be no refunds once an offer has been accepted by you or if any other amount has already been paid towards course fees or other charges as per schedule agreed upon between UoW and applicant at time of enrollment process completion

Accounting and Financial Management, Professional Accountancy Stream (B.A.F.M.)

The B.A.F.M. is designed to provide students with the opportunity to become professional accountants and learn how to apply accounting principles in business, industry and government organizations. The program is designed for students who have already obtained a university-level degree in any discipline other than accounting or auditing, or who have completed an undergraduate degree in another area of specialization but wish to pursue further studies leading specifically to careers as Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA).

The program requires a minimum of two years’ study, involving the completion of 60 credits from courses offered by both the Faculty of Management and Faculty of Arts & Science (FAS). Students may choose from a variety of course options within FAS, including but not limited to History; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; Economics; Philosophy; Religious Studies; Language Studies – English Literature & Culture Studies 1st year French Immersion Program/1st year German Immersion Program/2nd year French Immersion Program/2nd year German Immersion Program (French); Language Studies – English Literature & Culture Studies 1st year English Teaching Certificate Program/1st second semester Semester 2nd semester third quarter fourth quarter fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteen sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth twenty one twenty two twenty three twenty four twenty five twenty sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

Accounting and Financial Management, Public Accounting Stream (B.A.F.M.)

Accounting and Financial Management, Public Accounting Stream (B.A.F.M.) is a four-year Business program offered by the Faculty of Business Administration in the Uoft Mississauga campus. The program provides students with a solid foundation in general business knowledge, accounting concepts and applications, as well as financial management skills required in various industries such as banking and finance or not-for-profit organizations.

The BAFM curriculum will prepare graduates for careers in public accounting firms where they will perform audits on financial statements of companies whose securities are traded on major stock exchanges as well as assist management with analyzing complex business decisions involving investments, mergers/acquisitions etc., using sophisticated analytical tools such as ratio analysis or discounted cash flow forecasting techniques.

Actuarial Science (B.Com.)

  • What is actuarial science?
  • What are the career opportunities for actuarial science?

In short, actuarial science is the application of mathematics to determine the probability of future events. In general terms, this means that an actuary analyzes mortality rates, probabilities and other data to calculate the likelihood of certain events occurring (such as death) or to estimate how much money should be reserved for future liabilities (such as medical benefits). The industry has become increasingly important due to its ability to generate statistical models that can predict risk with a high degree of accuracy—often at a cheaper cost than hiring more staff or implementing new technology.

The demand for actuaries is expected to grow by about 21% between 2016 and 2026.*

Management Information Systems, IT Management Stream (B.Com.)

The Management Information Systems stream within the Business program focuses on how organizations use information technology to accomplish their goals. This includes design and implementation of business systems, managing information technology projects and teams, development of data models, strategic planning for IT organizations and more.

Management Information Systems students can choose between two specializations: Management Information Systems (MIS) or Information Technology Management (IT). The MIS specialization is designed specifically for individuals wishing to pursue positions that require expertise in areas such as process improvement; systems analysis; business intelligence; data modelling; information security management; project management; capacity planning and more. The IT specialization provides students with an opportunity to gain experience in software development methodologies used in today’s fast-paced software industry by developing skills related to object-oriented analysis & design, web applications using Java technology etc., enterprise architecture using UML modelling etc., database fundamentals using SQL programming language etc., enterprise resource planning systems utilizing ERP models developed by SAP like NetWeaver Process Integration / BPC/ HANA Cloud Platforms etc., Business Intelligence Solutions leveraging Microsoft technologies such as Analysis Services/ Power BI Service/ R Server/ Machine Learning Services etc., Mobile App Development leveraging various platforms including Xamarin Android Studio/.Net Core

Marketing, Digital Marketing Stream (B.Com.)

The Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) program is a four-year program that gives students the opportunity to specialize in marketing. The program offers core curriculum and elective courses, which include:

  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Financial Accounting for Decision Making

Real Estate and Infrastructure, Real Estate Stream (B.A.F.M.)

| Real Estate and Infrastructure, Real Estate Stream (B.A.F.M.)

The Real Estate and Infrastructure, Real Estate Stream (B.A.F.M.) will have a strong focus on professional development in the field of real estate and infrastructure finance with hands-on experience through internships and industry placements leading to graduation from this course with a commercial pilot’s license in addition to the bachelor’s degree in economics or business administration as well as a professional qualification in real estate management..

Sustainable Managemetn and International Business, Sustainable Business Management Stream (B.Com.)

  • The Sustainable Business Management Stream is a unique and holistic business degree that offers you the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in sustainability.
  • You will gain a broad understanding of sustainable business management, including its foundations in environmental, social and economic issues. In addition to this, you will explore key concepts such as sustainability reporting, corporate governance and stakeholder management within an international context.
  • Courses in this stream include: Sustainability Reporting; Corporate Governance; Sustainable Business Planning; Sustainable Supply Chain Management; International Marketing Management; International Trade & Commercial Law (Law); Financial Accounting (Finance).

These are the Uoft Biz Requirements for the various programs offered

Uoft Business Requirements

B.Com. (Accounting and Financial Management)

A minimum C+ average in each semester is required for students to be accepted into the program.

B.A.F.M (Accounting and Financial Management)

Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 when entering this program, and maintain a 3.00 cumulative GPA throughout the duration of their program of study as well as after graduation from Uoft Biz Requirements programs are offered by all three colleges within the university: The School of Arts, Media & Design; The Schulich School of Engineering; And The School Of Kinesiology & Health Science

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