Verify A Florida Nursing License

The Florida Department of Health maintains a database of nursing licenses. You can use this site to check if a nurse has been disciplined from their license or if there are any restrictions on their ability to practice. To verify a license, enter the nurse’s name into the search bar, then click on the “Check Status” button. You’ll see a list of results that include any disciplinary actions that may be in place against them and whether they have been licensed by this state (or any other state). Once you’ve found your person and printed out their information—which includes address, birthdate and more—feel free to set up an appointment with them!

Verify A Florida Nursing License

1 You can verify a Florida nursing license through the Department of Health’s Licensing Verification site.

You can search for a nurse’s name or license number on the site. If you know the license number, enter it in the corresponding box and click “Search.” If you don’t have that information, enter part of the name (first or last) and select from a list of possible matches; this will bring up a page where you can refine your search further.

You’ll then see results appear on your screen with information about each nurse’s status:

  • Active—The nurse is currently licensed to practice nursing in Florida
  • Inactive—The nurse has been granted an inactive status by the state because they are no longer practicing nursing in Florida, but they may still be eligible to practice in other states

2 To find Florida nursing licenses, you can choose from the following parameters:

To find Florida nursing licenses, you can choose from the following parameters:

  • By Name. You can search by name if you know the full name of the nurse.
  • By License Number. If you only have the license number, this is your next best option for finding a Florida nursing license or two-year vocational certificate information.
  • By City or County. You can also search by city and county to help narrow down your results faster if there are many nurses living in a particular area who have similar names or license numbers as those that interest you most—or vice versa! This can help save time when trying to locate someone’s information before calling them up out loud on the phone while sitting at home eating cereal straight out of its container with milk mixed in (gross). The same goes for searching by zip code; it saves both time and effort since not all addresses will be listed online unless they’re affordable enough for people who don’t own cars and need public transportation instead (which makes sense because taxis cost way more than just taking buses).

3 Check the License Status Box to see if any disciplinary action is in effect against the license.

To search for a Florida nursing license, select the box labeled “License Status” and enter your search criteria. You can also choose to narrow down your results by selecting additional boxes, such as “Name,” “License Number,” or even “Expiration Date.”

4 Print or Download your search results.

Once you’ve entered your Florida nursing license number and other required information, click the Search button.

  • Clicking Print will print a copy of your search results.
  • Clicking Download will allow you to download a copy of the results in either Excel or CSV formats.
  • Clicking Excel allows you to save your search results directly as an Excel file on your computer.
  • Downloading in CSV format saves your search results as a comma-separated values file (a file that contains data organized into columns). This type of file can be opened by most spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc, allowing users to manipulate the data in their own way if needed before viewing it on their screens again later down the road when needed again

5 Verify a nursing license using this database. You can search by the nurse’s name or license number.

This database can be used to verify a nursing license in Florida. The search is simple, and you can use it to check the status of your own license or that of another nurse. To use this tool, enter one or more fields and click “Search.” Results will appear below in a list format. If there are no results found after running your search, you may want to try searching again using different criteria in order to improve accuracy (for example: entering both first name and last name instead of just one).

Use this resource if you need information on how many years someone has been licensed as a nurse or how far back they were originally licensed—and much more!


Once you have verified the license, you will know if there are any disciplinary actions in place. If you see a disciplinary action on the record, be sure to avoid working with that nurse until the situation is resolved.

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