Vet Schools Recognised In Singapore

Do you have any knowledge about vet schools in singapore? Do you ever feel confused? Do you often feel overwhelmed with all the information available on vet schools in singapore so you can’t figure out which one is correct? This article will let you know about vet schools in singapore.

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Vet Schools Recognised In Singapore

The Veterinary field has become increasingly popular with Singaporeans, and there is a demand for manpower in the pet sector. Are you one such individual? While many opt to go abroad to pursue veterinary studies, Singapore currently has 3 veterinary-related courses you can consider.

Who should become a Vet?

Having a deep love of animals is a good start, but it definitely isn’t enough! Vets are surgeons, dentists, anaesthetists, radiologists, and obstetricians all at once. Accordingly, their studies are intense and do not lose out to medical degrees in any way. If you’re not ready for this, do rethink your decision.

Another important thing to note is that a key part of a vet’s job is human interaction; choosing this field in order to avoid talking to people would be a grave mistake. Of course, you must also learn to be comfortable with mess (we’re talking about bodily fluids, poop, pee, and the like).

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To become a vet, you must complete a five or six-year undergraduate course (after high school for those entering British or Commonwealth Universities or in their education systems). Alternatively, you can read a two to four-year related undergraduate course before heading for a four year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine course (the system NUS currently adopts).

How to Become a Vet in Singapore

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) recognises degrees from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, as well as US veterinary schools accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Those with non-recognised degrees may still be eligible for licensing;

Alternate paths for those who do not intend to practise include Research & Development (in academia, pet food companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc) and careers with the AVA.

If you’re unsure about taking this niche path, do take up a volunteering stint with an animal clinic or a student attachment first! The Singapore Veterinary Association (SVA) provides a list of AVA registered vet clinics 

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