Veterinary Schools In Germany Taught In English

Veterinary schools in Germany are a great option for international students who want to study veterinary medicine. While only a few have English-taught programs, they are all very affordable and provide excellent education.

Veterinary Medicine Degrees in Germany

All of the veterinary schools in Germany offer four years of study leading to a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine ( Some also offer additional specializations like large animal medicine, small animal medicine or one of the various types of dentistry.

Most schools have an academic year with two semesters that run from February to November or December and a summer semester from May to August. Some schools allow students to take longer than four years if they do not pass all exams at the end of the fourth year, but most students graduate after this time frame.

Veterinary Schools in Germany That Are Taught In English

There are currently no veterinary schools in Germany that teach classes in English or any other language besides German and French (in some cases). However, there are several accredited universities that offer veterinary medicine degrees taught completely in English:

Veterinary Schools In Germany Taught In English

The Veterinary Medicine program in Germany is taught in English and so are the courses. It is possible to earn a Bachelor’s degree in this field of study. However, if you wish to pursue further studies, you will have to do so in German. An international student can enroll in any of the veterinary schools in Germany with an official certificate from their home country proving their proficiency in German language.

There are several universities and colleges that offer a degree course in veterinary medicine. Here is a list of some of the best veterinary schools in Germany:

In the German veterinary school system, there are two types of veterinary schools: public and private.

Public veterinary schools are state-funded and offer a state examination. Private veterinary schools are not state-funded and do not offer a state examination. The requirements for admission into veterinary schools in Germany differ depending on whether or not the school is public or private.

Public Veterinary Schools in Germany

To be eligible for admission into a public veterinary school, you must have completed an undergraduate degree and passed the first part of the Zentralabitur (ZAB). The ZAB is an exam that tests your knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences. After passing this exam, you will have access to universities in Germany where you can complete your studies towards becoming a doctor of medicine (MD). However, you cannot apply directly to these programs without first completing an undergraduate degree at another university or college in Germany or abroad.

Private Veterinary Schools in Germany

Private veterinary schools do not require anything beyond the ZAB score to be accepted into their programs. You may apply directly to these programs once you have finished high school or after completing your bachelor’s degree program at another institution

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