What Documents Are Required For Admission In University?

What Documents Are Required For Admission In University?

Admission in university requires the student to provide various documents. The documents required for admission in any university or institution depends on the course and stream chosen by the student. In most cases, these are:

Copy of the Entrance Exam Certificate

The certificate should be attested by the college principal, school principal and head of department. In case there is no such person in your institution then it can be attested by the head of the institution.

Copy of the Mark sheet of the qualifying exam

  • A candidate seeking admission to a postgraduate course should submit a copy of his/her mark sheet of qualifying exam.
  • The original mark sheet is required at the time of admission.

Character certificate issued and signed by the school/college authority

A character certificate is a document issued by the school or college authority to certify the character of the candidate. The certificate is signed by the principal or the headmaster and issued by the school/college authority.

Migration certificate from the board/University of last study (required for other than WBCHSE)

A migration certificate is a document that certifies the academic record of a student. It is issued by the school/college authority and is required if the student has studied in a board/university other than WBCHSE.

In case of OBC candidate, a valid certificate issued by competent authority is to be furnished.

In case of OBC candidate, a valid certificate issued by competent authority is to be furnished.

How To Get The Certificate

The applicant should apply for the certificate in prescribed format from the competent authority at the district level. The application form may be downloaded from website www.cbse-online.in or can be obtained at any CBSE regional office/district centers and educational institutions/schools recognized by state board/school education department. The applicant has to submit the application along with necessary documents like passport size photograph, birth certificate etc., through their school principal or headmaster with whom they are studying at present time on payment of Rs 50/- (Rupees fifty only).

A copy of recent passport size photograph (8 copies) is to be submitted.

A recent passport size photograph (8 copies) is to be submitted. The size of the photograph should be 35mm x 45mm and should not have any watermark. Photographs with marks are also not accepted. You are required to submit your passport size photographs when you fill in the application form for admission into university.

Your photo must:

  • Be taken in studio, if possible; otherwise it should be taken against a plain background, such as a wall or door frame
  • Be clear and sharp
  • Be pasted on the application form

The guardian’s income certificate to be submitted in original.

A guardian’s income certificate is a document that shows your guardian’s income. This certificate needs to be submitted along with your admission documents, as it is an important part of the process.

A guardian’s income certificate can be obtained from any bank or from a nearby post office. It should include details such as the name of the guardian, his/her age, occupation and his/her source of income (for example if he/she is working as an employee).

Fill out this form by entering in all relevant information about yourself and your parents/guardian. Include your parent’s name in addition to yours on this form if they are required by law to pay child support or alimony payments during the academic year for which you are applying for admission into university education programs online courses program online courses program online courses program online courses program online courses

Include additional information such as how many times per week does this person usually work? Is there any evidence that would show how much money he or she makes each month? Does this person have any other sources of income aside from what is listed on this form?

Documents required for admission in university

  • Letter of Admission from the University
  • Transcripts of your previous academic records for at least one year (original and two photocopies)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character (original and two photocopies)

The above list is not exhaustive, and there might be other documents required for admission in university. If you are planning to apply for admission in any University, it is advisable to check the official website of the University or contact them directly for more details on the documents that need to be submitted.

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