What Is Nursing Evidence Based Practice

What Is Nursing Evidence Based Practice?

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is a systematic process of identifying, retrieving, analyzing and using the best available evidence in making decisions about the care of a patient. The goal is to use research findings to improve health outcomes. EBP should be used by all healthcare providers including nurses because it provides them with better information on what works best for patients.

What Is Nursing Evidence Based Practice

1. Definition of Nursing Evidence Based Practice

Nursing evidence based practice is a process that nurses use to improve the health of people, families, and communities by integrating the best research with clinical expertise and patient values.

Nursing evidence based practice definition: The systematic use of current best evidence (for example, from systematic reviews) in making decisions about the care of individuals.

2. Basic Steps of Nursing Evidence Based Practice

The basic steps of evidence-based practice are the same as they would be in any other discipline:

  • Identify the question you want to answer.
  • Find information (using qualitative and quantitative research methods).
  • Analyze your findings and make conclusions about what works best for your situation, given the data you have.
  • Use those conclusions to develop an action plan that will improve patient outcomes or care quality.

The importance of using these steps in order, and using them well cannot be overstated! It’s no good finding great information if you don’t analyze it correctly or use it properly after analyzing it, so this is where nursing EBP really shines.

3. What Are the Risks of Not Using Nursing Evidence Based Practice

  • Risks of Not Using Nursing Evidence Based Practice

If you are not using nursing evidence-based practice, then there are many risks that come along with it. For example, your patient care will be incorrect and ineffective. Your patient may not receive the best possible care that they need in order to stay safe and healthy while they are in your facility or at home recovering from their illness or injury. They might even die from a medical error if you do not provide them with proper treatment. In addition to this, if you don’t use evidence based practices then it could lead to lawsuits due to malpractice issues where patients were harmed because of poor service provided by nurses who did not use evidence based practices when providing care for them during their stay at the facility where they were treated for whatever ailment caused them harm during their visit there. This could result in losing money as well as losing credibility among coworkers who would know how bad things went wrong when treating patients medically without using evidence based practices because everyone knows how important these types of things are!

4. What Is the Importance of Nursing Evidence Based Practice

Nursing Evidence Based Practice is a process that helps nurses to make better decisions about patient care. Nursing Evidence Based Practice is one of the most important topics for a nurse to learn about because it is an integral part of the nursing profession and can impact patient outcomes positively or negatively.

5. How Does Nurses Use Nursing Evidence Based Practice

  • Use Evidence-Based Practice.
  • Develop a Research Question.
  • Search for Relevant Studies and Select One to Answer Your Question.
  • Assess the Quality of a Study to Determine if It Will Help You with Your Problem; If Not, Look for Another Study That Will Help You in Your Search.
  • Analyze Results from Studies and Apply Them to Your Situation.

6. Nursing Evidence Based Practice is one of the most important topics for a nurse to learn about.

Nursing Evidence Based Practice is one of the most important topics for a nurse to learn about. The practice of Nursing Evidence Based Practice helps improve the quality of healthcare provided to patients and can help nurses prevent errors, save time and money, as well as provide better care to their patients.

  • How it works:

Nurses use research findings from scholarly articles in order to make decisions about the care they provide to their patients. This means that they need information on how certain treatments work and how effective they are in different situations. In order for this research to be useful however, it needs to be based on strong evidence from studies which have been conducted by experts in their field with high levels of scientific rigour.

  • Why use it:

Nursing evidence based practice helps nurses provide better patient care because new knowledge about different types of treatments becomes available every day through ongoing research efforts by medical professionals all over the world (Gudjonsdottir & Bardalnsdottir 2015). By using these new methods when providing treatment plans for each individual patient situation at hand (Bardalnsdottir & Gudjonsdottir 2016), nurses can improve outcomes while saving time during their shift since there’s no longer any need spend hours searching through textbooks or journals just trying find out whether something would work or not; instead there will now be answers readily available just by looking at websites such as PubMed Central which contains thousands upon thousands articles published online specifically so people like us (the general public too!) can easily access them anytime anywhere without having any issue whatsoever!


Nursing Evidence Based Practice is a critical aspect of nursing and needs to be understood by all nurses. It is important that nurses know how to use the information they find while practicing evidence-based practice so they can provide patients with the best possible care. Nurses should always look for evidence that supports their decisions and interventions in order to ensure patient safety.

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