what month does nursing school start

what month does nursing school start

What Month Does Nursing School Start?

When you begin your nursing school experience depends on many factors:

  • Which school you attend
  • Which program you choose within the school of nursing
  • Whether you study in an undergraduate or graduate-level program
  • Your geographic location
  • Where you live (country) and where the school is located (city)
  • Your availability as a nursing student, as well as the availability of faculty members and other students


September is another month that might be when nursing school begins. If you get in a fall program, it may start any time between August and October, depending on the school and its specific program. The first semester of an 18-month (three-semesters per year) program may begin in late August or September. The second semester usually begins in January and the final semester starts in late April or early May.

November can be another starting date for nursing school. A lengthier program will extend into the summer months so you can complete your clinical work before graduation. You’ll graduate from nursing school with your BSN degree at the end of August or September.


  • August
  • August is a summer month, consisting of 31 days. If you are entering nursing school during this period then the chances are that you will be getting accustomed to the intense heat and humidity that typically accompany the eighth month of the year.
  • Fun facts about August:
  • August is the eighth month of the year, after July and before September.
  • The last month of Summer in most parts of North America, Europe and Asia–which means students have entrenched themselves in their summer jobs before returning back home with little time left before classes start again at universities across these regions!


A great month to start nursing school

October is a wonderful time of year to begin nursing school. It’s the third month in the year, so it’s a great time to get started. Plus, October has 31 days, which makes it the only month with that many days. That makes October a great month for anything and everything. And since there are 31 days in October, it’s easy to remember that it has the most days of any other month in the year. This is because you can use your fingers to count up all of the months on your hand, and you will then have one finger left over at the end after you’ve counted up all twelve months in order. Since each finger represents one of twelve months, you’ll have one finger left over at the end! This means that your thirteenth finger represents October! You therefore know by this logic that October has thirteen days!



There are a few schools that begin in November, but it is not the most common month for programs to start. A few examples of nursing schools starting in November include:

  • University of Maryland School of Nursing (Baltimore)

Nursing school may start in september or august

If you’re asking this question, the answer isn’t as simple as providing a month when all schools start. Different nursing schools will have different program details, including their application deadlines and start dates. A school that has rolling admissions may have a different application deadline than a school with an early application cycle. However, most nursing programs begin in September or August.

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