why study nursing in finland

why study nursing in finland

Study in English


Studying in English means you can easily communicate with patients and co-workers if you end up working in Finland or abroad. This is especially important for nurses, since they work closely with clients who may not speak Finnish.


You can learn English anywhere and everywhere! If you want to study nursing abroad, it makes sense to start by studying abroad at a really early stage of your studies. For example, many universities offer introductory courses that are taught entirely in English, so this would be a good way to get started. You can also practice your English on social media sites, apps and forums like Reddit or Quora where many people speak English as their native language. The internet offers a great opportunity for anyone who wants to use their new language skills in practice: it is a great place for finding online communities where you can discuss various topics and get feedback from an international audience.


Your career will benefit from studying in English because it helps you develop communication skills that are essential for working with clients , colleagues and healthcare professionals from different countries all over the world! Therefore learning English will help expand your opportunities both within Finland as well as internationally ! It also gives students more flexibility when searching for jobs after graduation , since companies often require employees who have proficiency level knowledge of languages such as German French…etc..

Quality Teaching

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You can be sure that studying nursing in Finland will provide you with a quality educational experience. In Finland, education is taken very seriously. The Finnish people have always prided themselves on their commitment to an excellent education for all. As a result, Finland has consistently been one of the top-ranked countries in terms of the quality of its education system.

Comprehensive Degree Programmes in Nursing

Nursing in Finland is an education that provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to enter a broad range of nursing and health care positions.

The degree programmes integrate theory, professional skills and practical training in workplaces. The curricula are designed to meet the demands of professional life as well as the need for continuing education. In addition to basic nursing skills, you will learn about community health care, school health care and nursing management during your studies.

Because we think it’s important that students learn alongside experienced professionals, our degree programmes place emphasis on clinical training in workplaces.

The Finest Teaching Facilities for Practical Skills

The Laurea University of Applied Sciences nursing degree will equip you with the best possible training in practical skills. We take great care to ensure that our teaching is a balanced combination of theory and practice. This means you learn a huge amount during the working placements in hospitals, health centres and other workplaces which are an integral part of your studies.

You are supervised at all times during your placements by experienced professionals, so you can be sure your learning environment will be safe and familiar.

Fresh Learning Environments

In Finland, you’ll learn in a fresh environment. The air is clean and the water is pure. People are friendly, food is organic and lifestyle is healthy.

You’ll feel energized and inspired at a university where every student has their own office space. You will study with your fellow students in an environment that fosters learning, collaboration and creativity outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Global Perspective

You are a part of a global community

When you study nursing in Finland, you are studying in an international environment. You will learn and socialize with people from all over the world. Your future career may take you to other countries or continents as well. You can expand your friendships and your professional networks while studying with students from other backgrounds, cultures and parts of the world.

Your courses are taught in English

Finnish universities offer English-taught Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programmes in nursing. This makes it easy for international students to enroll without having to try to master another language first. Some Finnish universities also have schools for teaching Finnish as a second language for international students.

There are lots of reasons to study nursing in Finland.

There are lots of reasons to study nursing in Finland. In fact, you should probably consider it.

Finland is a great place to study, thanks to its high standard of living and quality education system. It’s also a safe and stable country with beautiful landscapes and great student cities, so you could have the time of your life while you’re studying here.

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