winter korea cultural camp 2020

winter korea cultural camp 2020

Winter Korea Cultural Camp 2020

The Winter Korea Cultural Camp is a program designed to help students learn about Korea in an immersive environment. The program is led by experts who will teach students about Korean culture and give them the opportunity to participate in cultural experiences.

A wide range of activities are offered that allow you to experience the highlights of Korean traditional culture. Discover the fascinating hanbok dress, which represents centuries of craftsmanship and style. Experience the beauty of traditional performing arts ceremonies like kukakpoongnyeo and muakjeungnori, as well as fun seasonal activities such as sledding or ice skating!


What is this program about?

  • This event is a cultural exchange and tourism program between Malaysia and Korea. The event will take place in Yongin City, Jeju Island, and Seoul for 1 month and 2 weeks.
  • The itinerary of the event is from 3rd December 2019 to 5th January 2020. The fees for the trip are USD3,000 per person all inclusive (land arrangement only).


  • Students will get to experience the Korean culture by visiting traditional and historical places.
  • Students will have a chance to learn the Korean language through various activities such as singing, dancing, and watching movies.
  • Students will have a chance to learn about Korean food through cooking class. We’ll teach you how to make Kimbap!
  • Students will have a chance to learn about Korean history and traditions through fun games and quizzes.

Date : 3rd Dec 2019 to 5th Jan 2020

Winter Korea Cultural Camp 2020

Date : 3rd Dec 2019 to 5th Jan 2020 (1 month 2 weeks)

Place: Yongin City and Seoul, Korea

Fee: USD 3,000 per person all-inclusive (land arrangement only)

  • Fee included the following services:

Duration : 1 month 2 weeks

1 month and 2 weeks.

Location : Yongin city and Seoul, KOREA

Yongin, also spelled as Yeongin, is located in Gyeonggi-do, which is adjacent to Seoul. Yongin maintains the city’s history and culture while promoting economic development by building an urban environment in nature.


Yeoju Station is located about 20 minutes from Yongin. It is about 5 minutes from the bus terminal where our shuttle bus service is available for students to easily go to and from school every day without having to be familiar with Korean transportation systems and geography. This campus has a thousand years of history that can be seen in a variety of cultural arts such as architecture, sculpture and painting dating back to the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910).

The campus consists of three main buildings including a dormitory for foreign students, faculty residences and classrooms for classes related to Korean culture. The surrounding area includes facilities such as convenience stores, restaurants serving various cuisines around the world and public sports facilities that serve many purposes throughout the year including basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields and archery ranges as well as natural parks such as Osan riverside park where you can enjoy all four seasons at each park within 30 kilometers around Yeoju City which is famous for its natural scenery.

Fee : USD 3,000 per person all inclusive (land arrangement only)

Fee : USD 3,000 per person all inclusive (land arrangement only)

  • Land arrangement for 11D/10N in Korea by Korea Wayfarer
  • All transfers between airports and hotels by private coach or limousine as required by program itinerary
  • Hotel accommodation for 11 nights on twin sharing basis with daily breakfast:
  • All meals as stipulated in the program including one farewell dinner
  • Entrance fees of all the places mentioned in the program
  • English speaking guide throughout the tour

Fee included the following services :

We will provide the following services for you during this winter camp:

  • All accommodation for the duration of the tour. (Shared room)
  • All transportation while on program, including local bus and subway fee. (we will use a public transport)
  • All meals as indicated in itinerary, which are: breakfast, lunch and dinner at school cafeteria or local restaurants.
  • English speaking guide during the program.

• Airport transfer at Incheon International Airport during specific time only.

During your trip, you will be transferred to and from the Incheon International Airport (ICN) during specific times only.

Our group pickup schedule at Incheon International Airport is as follows:

  • January 6, 2020 (Monday): 8:00–12:00 pm

• Accommodation for the duration of the tour. (Shared room)

  • 1 person per room.
  • Western style hotel in Seoul
  • Hotel address will be given later

• Breakfast and dinner meals during the stay. (Korean traditional food)

  • Students will experience the taste of Korean traditional food.
  • Students will be able to learn about Korean cuisine through food.

• All transportation while on program, including local bus and subway fee. (we will use a public transport)

The program fee includes all of the following:

All transportation while on program, including airport transfer. (we will use a public transport)

All accommodation while on program (Twin room).

All meals while on program.

All activities mentioned in the itinerary.

Additional note: There may be optional activities that we may add to our itinerary and some of them are not included in our program fee and you need to pay for those activities yourself.

• Activities/Tickets that are specified in the itinerary. Some activities such as cooking class and etc will be self-paid by students.

As for the activities, you are required to bring extra pocket money for the activities that have not been included in the package. For example, cooking class and etc will be self-paid by students. Students are required to participate in all of the activities as specified in the itinerary. However, it is inevitable that some activities may be different due to changes in weather and other environmental factors. Also, if a student is not able to participate in certain activities due to his/her health condition, he/she should inform a staff immediately so that we may arrange an alternative activity instead.

The following is an example of the list of some paid activities:

● Kimchi making class

● Hanbok class

● Hanji Class

● Samulnori class

Korea cultural camp 2020

Korea Cultural Camp 2020 is a week-long program, which will be held from January 5th to 12th. The camp is designed to provide students with authentic experiences related to Korean culture and language. In this sense, the camp will serve as an ideal opportunity for them to learn about Korea and experience various aspects of Korean culture including language, history and traditional arts through hands-on activities. In addition, the program offers participants time to enjoy the winter attractions of Korea with their foreign peers in order to create a truly international environment at Korea’s best leisure spots.

Program Objectives

Activities designed to promote students’ understanding of Korean history and culture while helping them develop communication skills in English as well as Korean.

Activities include exploring Seoul and top winter destinations around Korea (Seoul Plaza Ice Rink, Namsan Tower, DMZ Tour); experiencing K-POP Dance; learning Taekwondo; practicing calligraphy; learning practical Korean expressions; participating in interactive cultural seminars on diverse topics such as Hanbok fashion show/Hanji craft making/Korean wedding ceremony/Korean fan art/traditional etiquette class/making kimchi & rice cake etc ; engaging in group discussions about the participants’ own culture with their peers from around world.

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