winter korea cultural camp 2021

winter korea cultural camp 2021

Date: 28th January 2021 – 3rd February 2021

You will experience the Winter season in Korea and explore various aspects of Korean culture. Through this program, you can learn about Korean language and culture at the same time, and make friends with students from all over the world.

The program will be held between 28th January 2021 until 3rd February 2021. Each winter session is comprised of weeklong programs that includes cultural classes and activities in different areas of interest such as Taekwondo, K-pop dance, Korean cooking and more!

We provide a variety of options for participants to choose their interest regarding the field of learning during each winter session; you can select one course among several options based on your preference!

Course type: winter korea culture camp and language course

  • This program is a Korean language program that aims to develop the Korean language ability of foreigners and to provide a place for international exchange and cultural experience.
  • Through this program, participants can learn Korea’s diverse regional culture and traditional culture in depth, which will help them acquire Korean language communication abilities. In addition, it provides an opportunity for participants to experience Korea’s unique winter culture through a special winter camp program.
  • The contents of this program are composed of culture and language education (lectures on culture, practice games), and Korean cultural experience programs (tourist attractions, working holidays).

Age: 7-17 yrs old

The program is open to children aged 7-17 years old and is suitable for boys and girls, irrespective of their level of Korean language proficiency. Although the camp is designed for foreigners under 18, both South Korean and foreign nationals are welcome to apply.

Level: All levels of Korean Language

This program offers various Korean language, cultural and regional experiences in Korea. We provide an opportunity for participants to increase their knowledge of Korea through the lecture on Korean Language, history and cultural experiences. The participants will also be able to experience various regions in Korea.

The participants will be from Koreans and foreigners from all over the world with different backgrounds. Therefore, it is expected that this camp will provide opportunities for students to experience international exchanges through activities related to Korean language, culture and traditions of each region in Korea.

Enrolment Fee & Tuition Fee (1 week) : USD 1,100 per student (Tentative)

The program fee includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation and field trip. Camp materials are provided. The cost of the camp is USD 1,100 per student.

Payment can be made by bank transfer in advance to:

Bank Name: Korea Exchange Bank


Account Number: 049-01-007322(USD)



Online Registration will be available from October 2020 on our website.

The registration form for Winter Korea Cultural Camp-2021 is available online from October 2020.

You can download the application form, fill it out and scan the completed version to send it via email or just click on the Online Application form. You can pay the tuition fee after receiving your invoice. After you submit all required documents, we will send you an invoice via email. You can pay by credit card.

Program contents

The program is composed of the following:

  • Hanok Stay
  • Hanok Experience
  • Hanok Culture + Tour + Lecture + Demonstrations + Performance

The main content of the program is a variety of Korean Language Programs, such as lecture on Korean Language, history and cultural experiences. During this program, various programs will be prepared for foreign students to experience various regions in Korea and increase their knowledge of Korea. Also, opportunities will be provided for Koreans and foreigners from all over the world to experience international exchanges. Especially, through the activities related to Korean language, culture and traditions of each region in Korea, we will give you memories that can only be made in the winter of Korea and strengthen your attachment to Korea.

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