yardley college acceptance rate

yardley college acceptance rate

Yardley University

Yardley College, also known as Yardley University, is a private liberal arts college located in the town of Yardley, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1885 as a women’s college and co-educational since 1972, it is situated on an arboretum campus with 596 acres of woods and trails. The university overlooks the Delaware River and offers opportunities for students to study abroad and to participate in community service.

Yardley has a rich history that can be seen throughout its campus. Some of its notable alumni include Joyce Carol Oates and Sister Helen Prejean, who is best known for her work with the anti-death penalty movement after she ministered to death row inmates.

The student groups at Yardley College include International Student Club, Outdoors Club, Middle Eastern Students Association (MESA), Dance Club, Greek Life (fraternities and sororities), Young Democratic Socialists (YDS), Environment Club/ Eco Warriors, Feminist Action Network (FAN), Wellness Committee/Healthy Eating Coalition (HEAT), Student Environmental Action Coalition – Chapter at Yardley College (SEAC); Black Student Union; Chorale; ACES Upbeat; Fine Arts Society; Conservative Union; Women’s Rights Alliance; French Film Society; Muslim Student Association; Chicano/a Law Society ; Latino Law Society ; Women’s Center Committee ; Migrant Workers Rights Group , Block Parent Program ; Diversity Awareness Group , Friends of France , Middle East Peace Initiative , Generation Change , Deaf Culture Club . In addition to these organizations are the student publications such as “The Town Crier” student newspaper and “The Gilder” yearbook.

Yardley University is a great college for people who want a small liberal arts college. They emphasize research and rigor.

Yardley University is a great college for people who want a small liberal arts college. They emphasize research and rigor.

In the four years we attended Yardley, we had only one professor who was seriously grating on our nerves. We also had an incredible group of friends, so those factors more than made up for it.

If you’re interested in attending Yardley, we suggest getting in touch with alumni before applying to the school, because they have a pretty solid reputation as well-connected and generous with their time.

Acceptance rate: 32% of applicants were accepted.

With a 32% acceptance rate, Yardley also offers the added benefit of being an easier public school to get into. And with its diverse student body, excellent extracurricular programs, and outstanding athletic teams, it’s safe to say that this is one institution you should consider for your post-secondary education.

Tuition: $55,000 a year.

The number of students at Yardley College is comparable to the amount of people at an intimate gathering, but the tuition matches that of a larger institution. For this reason, the school has a low acceptance rate. If you’re lucky enough to get in, you’ll have unparalleled access to a top-notch education in an intimate setting with little interruption from outside distractions and unwelcome company. Smaller classes and more one-on-one time with teachers can be particularly helpful for students who may need help excelling in certain areas or developing any specific skills (that’s what I needed).

If all this sounds appealing, maybe you should apply! For many people, it’s absolutely worth the cost—the value is there. Plus if you manage to graduate from there without going into debt and you find employment in your field soon after completing your degree, then that degree will pay off more than it would’ve cost you in the first place. In my case, I found work as soon as I graduated as a journalist—a career that was always something I wanted to pursue but was never sure if I’d actually get somewhere with it—so getting accepted wasn’t a risk at all.

711 students attend Yardley University.

Yardley University, a private liberal arts college in Pennsylvania, is home to approximately 711 students. The student body consists of 29% male students and 71% female students. The majority of the student body is non-white, with Caucasian being the largest single racial or ethnic group at 48%.

At Yardley University, there are roughly 43 students for every one teacher. Of course these statistics differ from class to class; for example the ratio of independent study teachers to students at Yardley University is 1:1.

Finally, 33% of all undergraduate degrees from this school are bachelor’s degrees.

Yardley has the highest acceptance rate in the area.

Yardley College is a four-year arts and music school in Yardley, PA that has the highest acceptance rate in the area. The school’s low tuition means that students can graduate with little debt.

The secret of Yardley’s high acceptance rate? Its open curriculum lets students build their own concentrations, choose their own classes, and leaves them with job prospects after graduation.

What makes this school particularly good for your child? It gives him or her the opportunity to study an esoteric field and still get a job after graduation. In addition to its low cost and relatively low debt load, it also ties into what most teens are really interested in: video games and social media! A quick Google search will bring up dozens of forums where teenagers ask each other questions about what courses they should take at college to make money from gaming or social media marketing (also known as Internet marketing). Call us crazy, but we think your teen might be interested in one of these seemingly random but popular majors that Yardley offers.

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