yazd scholarship

yazd scholarship

The international office

The International Office (IO) is the team at your University that oversees the academic and administrative processes of international students. They are responsible for students’ arrival and registration, as well as their departure, and also provide advice on study-related and non-study related matters.

  • The IO is often an international student’s first point of contact with a member of staff at the university they will be attending. They can advise on all matters relating to coming to study in the UK, from visa information to advice on finding accommodation.
  • The IO can also help you with any problems you may encounter during your studies, such as getting extensions for coursework or arranging support in case you become ill or have a personal problem.


Here at Yazd University, we believe that the best and brightest students deserve special treatment. That’s why the Yazd Scholarship is reserved for those who are currently in their last year of high school. While most scholarships require that applicants have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, the Yazd Scholarship requires a minimum GPA of 3.6, coupled with a proven record of community involvement and extracurricular activities. Only students whose grades are in top 5 percent will be considered for this scholarship, which includes financial support and housing on our campus during their first year at Yazd University.

The Yazd Scholarship is not just for students–staff and faculty members can enroll in courses offered at our university as well! The same requirements listed above apply to those interested in pursuing non-degree programs for this scholarship. Please contact your Human Resources department or visit our website today to see if you qualify!


The Yazd Scholarship is a program for talented students who want to advance their education and careers. This scholarship provides valuable information about how to apply for scholarships, what courses are available, and how to do research in a variety of fields. It also gives you the opportunity to travel abroad free of charge and earn a degree from the best universities in the world. The scholarship will help you build your career and find a good job after graduation.

Faculty members

Yazd University is comprised of 16 departments and 3 campuses. The main campus, located along the Yazd-Kerman highway, was established in 1993. It has a total area of 12 hectares (30 acres) and includes both indoor and outdoor facilities for education, research and administrative purposes. The second campus covers an area of 150 hectares (370 acres) in the northern part of the city of Yazd. Established in 2010, it hosts faculty buildings, laboratories, student dormitories and university sports center as well as a large park. The third campus is a newly founded complex that consists of four faculties:

  • Faculty of Mathematics
  • Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of Private Engineering
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering


Staff make or break a project. As a team leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are properly motivated and rewarded.

Whether you are working with volunteers or full-time employees, keeping them happy and productive should be one of your main priorities.

Providing training opportunities for staff members allows everyone to learn skills that can benefit the whole team. This can be done by sharing knowledge through formal meetings and workshops, or even just informal conversations on the job.

Your goal is not only to motivate staff, but also keep them motivated throughout the project. One way of doing this would be rewarding them with incentives like gifts at milestones (e.g., completion of particular tasks). This can help encourage good performance from everyone involved!

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